How That Happened I Have No Idea . . .

After a quiet morning at home a little before 4pm Jan and I headed up Boulder Hwy a little ways to have the dinner buffet at Boulder Station Casino, pretty much our favorite in the area.

We got there about 10 minutes til 4, which is when the dinner started. There wasn’t much of a line, so when we got up to the cashier, we told her that we wanted to pay for dinner and not lunch.

But unlike Golden Corral, who doesn’t like you to come in the last few minutes of lunch to get the more expensive dinner, Boulder Station doesn’t care, and said as long as we’re there before 4, we pay the lunch price.

So we only paid $7.99 each (including drink) for our meal. So nice.

One thing we didn’t see this was the numerous dining scams that we’ve seen in the past.

For example, we saw an elderly man come through the center exit line on his mobility scooter, whereupon he picked up a plate and proceeded down the various food lines, putting food on his plate and eating as he scooted along. When he got to the end he turned around and made another pass.

In another case, just a few seconds after a single male dinner got up and left, taking the card off its stand, letting waitress know that he was finished. Within just a few seconds another man came by, looked around, sat down, put the card back on the stand, and went to get him a plate of food.

Then another time we sat next to a table of six where they rotated 12 to 17 people through1 or 2 at at time, finally feeding 18 to 20 people for the cost of six.

Since we got our meal so cheap, Jan decided to give them another $20 in the slots. She twice ran it up to $50, but kept at it until she had given them the entire $20.

Really thoughtful of her.

Leaving the casino, I decided to drive over to the nearby Verizon store to see about upgrading my phone plan and possibly my 3 year old Samsung Galaxy S5.

As far as our plan, the guy took one look at it and started laughing. “How long have you had this plan?”

“Well, not as long ago as we had our first cell phone, a Motorola Bag Phone, but almost.”

Motorola Bag Phone

Then he said that at 1992 we were the oldest customer he’d come across.

So an hour later I walked out with a new much cheaper plan, a 4G Jetpack 7730L MiFi to replace my 3G aircard, and a ‘to be here Friday’ when they’re released’ Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The phone won’t be released until this coming Friday, so I have to be there at 10am to get mine. I told him that we were leaving on Saturday, so I definitely had to have tit then.

Getting home I used to check the speed on new 4G Jetpack, getting a download of almost 18 Mbps, and 8 Mbps up.

Really nice, and much better than 1+ Mbps on my 3G aircard.

I was doing some maintenance on our rig’s generator this afternoon, and when I ran it out on its hydraulic slide, I found this.

Generaor Exhaust Pipe

Don’t know how or when it happened. We haven’t needed to use the genset for a number of months since we haven’t needed the AC’s. But with the exhaust crimped like that it wouldn’t have run very long. Kinda like getting a banana in your tailpipe.

It’s going to be impossible to straighten out the pipe so what I’ll do is to cut off the crimp and then use a coupling to join the pieces back together.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Brandi sent over this phone of Landon after he got fitted for his new hockey stick, with lessons starting next week.

Landon with Hockey Stick

His uncle Chris said, “He’s ready. He’s already missing teeth.”

I think the kids just want to do this so they can hit each other with sticks.

Thought for the Day:

The only thing guaranteed in life is yesterday.


3 Responses to How That Happened I Have No Idea . . .

  1. Boots Gibson says:

    I hope you have more luck with your new 4G Jetpack 7730L MiFi.  I got the Jetpack Ellipsis last September when I upgraded my phone and I have only gotten it to work when tech support is on the phone with me.  Usually it just shows “no service”.  Once when tech support was on the line I started downloading a 19 page PDF, tech support hung up and the download failed at 35 minutes.  Tried the same PDF with my phone (iphone 6s) as a hotspot with 1 bar on 3G and it downloaded in about 10 minutes.  I don’t see this jetpack of mine as much more than a small paperweight–pretty worthless!   Of course Verizon won’t stand behind it because THEY can get a signal on it.  Grrrrr

  2. Pat Devlin says:

    Hope that exhaust repair don’t leak into camper Co detectors a must at lest two.

  3. Candis Ogden says:

    I am about to drop my jetpack because the phone is a hotspot and works well for me. A little savings.

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