What? I Don’t See Anything . . .

After a nice, slow morning, about 12:15 Jan and I headed out for our lunch date over in Tempe with our friend’s Dick and Phyllis Schell.

They had picked Oregano’s, an Italian place in the heart of the Arizona State University campus, that was about half way between where we were in Apache Junction, and where they are parked in Sun City.

We started off by splitting a half loaf of their Cheesy Garlic Bread.

Oregano's Cheesy Garlic Bread

Then everyone went in a different direction with Dick getting a small Cheese Pizza.

Oregano's Cheese Pizza

Not sure where the rogue piece of pepperoni came from.

While Phyllis got one of her favorites, the Big Chicken Salad.

Oregamo's Big Chicken Salad

After talking with our waitress, Hallie, Jan got the Big Chicken Parm with Alfredo Sauce.

Oregano's Chicken Parm

Wrapping up, I got the 16” Meaty Pizza with Pepperoni, Sausage, Meatballs, Canadian Bacon, and Mushrooms.

Oregano's Meaty Pizza

Big enough to have plenty to take home for both of us.

Although they have a deep dish, thick crust pizza, their specialty is a thin crust, even thinner than Grimaldi’s. But unlike many really thin crusts that snap like a crisp cracker, Oregano’s stays soft and flexible. Really good.

For dessert, Dick and Phyllis ordered us a Hot, Gooey, Chocolate Chip Cookie topped with Ice Cream.

Oregano's Cookie

Really great finish to a great meal.

Dick and Phyllis Schell

Oregano’s is really great, and goes on our list for places to visit again.

Saying our goodbyes until next time, we headed home. Getting back to Apache Junction, our first stop was at the O’Reilly’s for a new air chuck. Rather than get another locking one, I went with a straight line that I knew it would work.

Straight Line Air Chuck

We finished up with a few things from Fry’s before getting back to the rig a little before 5pm.

About 6pm I went outside to finish up the last of the tires with the new straight chuck. Of course it means that I have to stand hunched over to hold it on the valve stem, but I’ve only got rig two tires so I’ll work through the pain.

Finally I topped off the four tires on the truck. If you have a 150# compressor like this one. be aware it only takes a few second to raise the tire from 25# to 35#. And only a few more seconds to . . .  BOOM!

I could have backed the output setting down to 40# but then I’d just have to raise it again. Rather just leave it alone and be careful. I finished up by packing away the chairs and the hoses in the truck so I don’t have much to do before we leave tomorrow for Vegas.

Totaling up, I never heard back from any of the awning companies I called and left messages with, including several recommended by blog readers.

After I repeatedly told the glass people that we were leaving for Vegas this weekend, they finally called me back Tuesday afternoon and were surprised to find out that we weren’t available this weekend for them to come by and look at the windshield. We’ll try again in Vegas, I guess.

And so far, my parking lot adversary has not filed a claim with my insurance company. I guess it might be hard for the claims adjuster not to laugh in his face.Fiat Scrap Before 2

Fiat Scrap After 2

Blog readers will remember that while the police officer was watching, I wet my fingers, and in about 30 seconds, rubbed the smear almost completely away.

As one blog reader, said, Spit, the new rubbing compound.

We plan on heading out for the Las Vegas Thousand Trails about 8am, hoping to make the 320 mile trip in about 6 hours and get in around 2pm. We want go this early so it will stay cold, since I still haven’t had a chance to work on our transfer switch.

Yeah, yeah, I know,. It’s on the list.

This means that we won’t have the generator available to run the AC’s. But when we leave here at 8am, the temp is supposed to be 66, and only 73 in Vegas when we get in at 2pm.

Here’s hoping.

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5 Responses to What? I Don’t See Anything . . .

  1. Mary Burge says:

    Please check your wind warnings. The winds have been gustier this spring, with lots of dust.

  2. Phyllis and Dick Schell says:

    It was great to see you guys again with lots of good and varied conversation. Travel safe and we look forward to seeing you next time, whenever and wherever that may be, but I bet there will be food involved.

  3. Richard Schell says:

    Rogue piece of pizza? It was loaded but hard to see as they put most of it inside, very yummy. Had a great time. Until we meet again, safe travels and have fun!

  4. George Rawley says:

    I have a couple of tubed fishing platforms that require just 5 PSI for inflation. I set up a secondary pressure regulator to attach to end of air hose with quick disconnects and it only allows 5 PSI for float tubes. Might work for reduced pressure in truck tires. Home Depot or Lowes should all necessary fittings

  5. Boots Gibson says:

    How long are you planning on being in Vegas?  Was sorry I missed meeting you both at the Escapade when my rig went in the shop instead of on the road to Tucson.  I’m in Vegas until the 21st.  Would it be possible for us to meet for lunch while you are here?  I’m in a park off I-15 not too far from the TT Vegas.  Would let you pick the spot because you seem to have a real knack of finding good places to eat, while usually stick with the better places to eat–the ones with drive through windows. 🙂

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