Boring, Or Not?

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Jan and I left the rig about 1:30, heading out for lunch and groceries. But our first stop was at the park Ranger Station to try and extend our stay another 3 days, until the 20th of September rather than the 17th. And to also pay them for our stay here, the $5 a day, and the $3 a day for 50 amp. When I tried to do this last week the computer wouldn’t take the extension. It said the park was full.

But when they tried to ‘test’ extend someone else’s stay, it worked fine. So it was just me. And when they got the main office to try, they couldn’t do it either. And no one knew why it wouldn’t work.

But I suggested a workaround that did. So now we will check out on the 17th, but then  right back in again for the next 3 days. Of course the rig will never move, but the paperwork will work out. And that’s what’s important, right?

I think this probably has something to do with the fact that when we finally do leave here on the 20th, we will have been here for 34 days straight. Certainly a new record for us.

Our lunch destination was the Chuy’s Mexican down near the Woodlands, a location we’ve never been to before, although we’ve eaten at several other of their places around town.

We actually go to Chuy’s for their salads, mainly their Mexi-Cobb salad, which is what I got this time.

Chuy's Salad

Really good, especially with their Creamy Jalapeno dressing.

Jan decided to try their Chicken Fajita Salad for a change, which she said was good, but she’s going back with the Mexi-Cobb next time.

Chuy's Fajita Chicken Salad

We both really like their sauces and queso. With the chips, they bring out the usual Pico de Gallo, but also a bowl of their Creamy Jalapeno dressing, but as a dip. Then we also ordered a small Guacamole for Jan, and a Queso for me.

Chuy's Sauces

Again, really good.

Then, after a great meal, we headed back up to Conroe to the Wal-Mart for groceries and gas at the Sam’s next door, finally getting back to the rig a little before 5pm.

Recently there has been a debate among some of our blog commenters about whether or not my blogs about computer stuff, the ‘never ending math’ about where to stay, or even ‘defragging a coffee pot’, are boring. Some thought so, but others came to my defense.

So maybe I need to talk about the origins of this blog. It started in January 2009 at the beginning of our 2nd year on the road. In 2008, our first year, we  traveled all the way up to Fairbanks, AK where we spent five months workcamping, before heading back toward home on September 20th.

By the first part of November, we were in Gatlinburg, TN, before getting back to Houston the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

The blog started as a way to share our travels with family and friends as we traveled, but over time and repeated references to our blog from my friend, Nick Russell, the blog has a much wider following. In fact we had a little over 400,000 visitors last year, covering every continent except for Antarctica. (BTW if you know anyone on a science expedition to Antarctica, please ask them to visit our blog.)

I do this blog every day, and in 9 years I doubt I have missed more than a couple of dozen days. But as anyone who has tried this can tell you, doing a blog every night is not easy, as the many abandoned blogs around the Internet will tell you.

So I have to write about things that interest ME. It’s really the only way I can do this blog day after day. I’m not really a ‘creative’ writer like Nick. My forte has always been in ‘technical’ writing, doing manuals, courses, and how-to’s, for NASA, the DOD, manufacturers, and colleges. So I can write what I know and what I see. That’s about it.

Now when we’re traveling, seeing the sights around the country, blog writing is pretty easy. But when we’re wintering over here in Houston, or even gate guarding, it can get a little dicey. Because many days we don’t leave the rig, just reading, relaxing, computing, and enjoying life.

But of course this doesn’t leave a lot of hot topics to blog about, so you pretty much get my life, boring as it is. What we did, what we saw, where we ate, and what I’m working on, that’s about it.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Some readers refer to this as ‘reading my diary’. kind of a voyeuristic pleasure. Or maybe like peeking in your neighbor’s window.Anyway, maybe you can look at it this way.

You know how sometimes your favorite magazine has a ‘theme’ issue, and it’s a theme that you could care less about, or maybe even hate. But then the next month it’s a theme you’re crazy about.

Pretend it’s like that. Come back tomorrow and maybe you’ll like it better.

Thought for the Day:

Saudi Arabia actually imports sand.

The sand in the Arabian desert look like tiny crystal balls under a microscope. Pretty to look at, but useless for making concrete  because it’s so smooth. Concrete requires a rough, jagged sand so it all bonds together tightly and makes a strong block.

So every bit of sand in every skyscraper in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, etc., is imported, in some cases from as far away as the US.


20 Responses to Boring, Or Not?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    And who of us is interested in every single subject another human being is?  If you write on techie stuff…I may direct hubby to read a bit…but I go on…skim…see the foodie stuff, kittie stuff…ancestry at times, family stuff…grandkid stuff…plenty to read…let the naysayers go their way…I am thankful you share in detail a lot of things cause even if we don’t need it today…maybe we will sometime later…then we can go hunt it up here and learn whatever we need to learn!

  2. Jason Deas says:

    I like it just the way it is.


    Keep on doing what your doing. Blogging about your everyday issue’s with the rig and life helps those preparing to live the rv life. So we can know that rv’ing full time is not always peaches & cream. Life’s experiences are like a book. If the page isn’t what you expect the next page you read might be better.listing your self repairs on the rig is extremely informative. Saving money on do it yourself is very important to those that can and at least try. Thank you Greg.

  4. Bruce says:

    Don’t change a thing. It fits my interest just fine.

    Birds of a feather read/write together!!

  5. Butch Williams says:


    Ya, some days are like that, many more in MY life, so I skim over it.

    Usually, your “Though for the Day”, makes it worthwhile,I just need a way to remember some of the stuff that you post.


    BTW, The “Strike Hold” information, makes up for a lot of your “less interesting” blogs.



  6. PatchMaster says:


    Don’t change a thing.  I scan a lot of RV blogs everyday, and yours is at the top.

    I may be prejudiced as I am an engineer with a technical background, but I have learned a lot from you, especially new products/tools that you have talked about.

    You can’t be everything to everybody, but you have quite a following.


  7. Jerry Hayes says:

    Like the blog very much. How about more computer tips and RV upgrade tips that you do to your rig. The ones like your interior led lights, gauges, etc. are always interesting.

  8. Most blogs are created for exactly the same reasons you chose thus making it a personal accounting of your lives and what takes place on an everyday basis. Just because you live in your RV doesn’t mean you don’t have chores and family issues to deal with. If the critics want you to spice things up let them dole out the extra cash it would take to do so but they’ll still be reading almost the same thing as they are now. Keep up the way you are presently writing and all is good.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  9. Henry Lemlyn says:

    Don’t change anything and don’t let the complainers worry you. Love the blog.


  10. Bobbie Chapman says:

    I read it all. Sometimes I skim over the technical stuff, but enjoy the rv and computer tips. Really enjoy your gate guarding ventures, as we did that too. I read your blog because I’ve met you and Jan and like you so want to see what you are doing. Keep it up.

  11. Karen christofi says:

    Count me among those who Love your blog and appreciate your time and effort!
    We have learned SO much from all that you have shared through this blog.

    It’s the one I read first every morning.
    (Unlike some others that now use their blog to push a product that only benefits them, then brags/ boasts about it.)

    Keep on doing what you do because you are a blessing to many. It’s no wonder you are so well received! -Kay

  12. Mary Burge says:

    Great post. In fact, you have the best blog for what it is really like to full time. For every great photo or perfect picnic there is a hellofalot of work, thinking, planning etc. that goes into getting it right. I think it is more work to full time than to live in a house. Less error forgiveness on many levels. I think I would be seriously thinking of settling down or at least sitting down for a while after some of your experiences this past year. I admire your resilience and perseverance. You set a wonderful example. I hope you guys are in your happy place.

  13. Greg, your comments about not being the writer that Nick is brought back a memory of my college English professor.  He said, “your either and engineer or work with computers.  You guys have the most creative minds, but you are terrible writers.  Your writing has no color or zing, you just say what needs to be said and move on.”  By the way I was Director of Information Technology for a county government.  I chuckle at your latest mess cleanup with your client who went be the “better” deal.

  14. Hope you keep writing as you have been.  I’m one of those connections from Nick. While the part of your title “Eating Our Way Across the USA” is what first grabbed me, your various subjects are always worth a few minutes of reading. My blog also started as a journal for our family, and I started writing everyday, but I play catch up most of the time now with most posts about each move we make.  Hope you don’t mind that I sometimes borrow your “Thought for the Day”!

  15. Linda in NE says:

    The way I see it is that this is your blog, it’s your life and you can write about whatever interests you. If a reader isn’t interested in that post they can skip it and move on to something else.

  16. Debbie Kizer says:

    I would love to see more stuff about Karma.

  17. Davy says:

    I read every day, Greg.

  18. David Bain says:

    When your writing is skewed, as to sell to a specific demographic, it becomes lackluster or BORING, because it has no life of it’s own.  You write what you know.  Even the master wordsmith, Nick, claims to write down what the voices in his head are telling him – thereby writing what he knows.  I will read what you write until such time that you start to write what you think I want to read & stop writing what you want to read.

  19. Larry Merritt says:

    Keep blogging. I love to reado your blogs.

  20. Larry Merritt says:

    Keep blogging. I love to read your blogs.

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