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Potpourri & More . . .

I got a prelim version of my shipping program up and running today at work.

You enter the destination zip code and package weight, and It gives the rates for Priority Mail, Flat Rate Priority Mail, Regional Boxes, and Cubic Boxes.

And this can make a lot of difference in the shipping cost that you charge the customer, especially since, unlike many places, my client only charges the exact amount, with no ‘Shipping and Handling’ charges added.

For example, the cost of a 10# package shipped cross-country can range from $9.70 to $28.45, all with the same 3 day delivery time. A lot of difference.

Next I want to pull in the First Class rates, since that’s the way we ship a lot of small stuff. Then I’ll clean up the GUI (Graphical User Interface) so it looks pretty.

I’ve thought about trying in with the UPS system, but I don’t think it’s really necessary since we normally only use UPS for heavier shipments.

I’ve also been putting in a lot of time lately working with Zen Cart for a new client. I’m trying to get ZC to import a slightly off-beat version of SQL. It kind of works, but not consistenly. I would think that there’s actually a glitch in the SQL file, but it doesn’t consistently fail at the same spot in the file. But I’ll get it figured out eventually.

Didn’t hear anything back on our truck. I told them to take their time since we had a rental car. Hope they didn’t take that too much to heart.

We’ve got a number of travel things coming up in the next week, and I’m not sure I want to trust the truck until I drive it for a few days. So we’ll probably keep the Malibu for a few extra days after this Thursday when we’re supposed to turn it back. Jan would also like us to take it in and have the inside cleaned out and detailed.

Of course this decision has nothing to do with the fact that I’m really enjoying driving it.

As I said yesterday, tomorrow we’ve got our ophthalmologist appointments. Besides getting some more info on the cataract in my left eye, I’m also hoping to get a full clearance on my nighttime vision problem diagnosis, since I can’t see any difference between my night vision in either eye when I cover one and then the other.

Of course, my optometrist said that’s just my ‘perception’.  Isn’t that what vision is anyway?

I ordered Jan a set of Bluetooth Headphones like these that came in today.

Bluetooth Headphones

This will let her listen to her programs on the TV without my having to hear them too. It can also connect to our Alexa, and has a built-in FM radio.

And if you Bluetooth it to your phone, you can also answer phone calls using the built-in microphone.

Oh, and you can just plug it in and use it as regular wired headphones.

Thought for the Day: 

Yuor biran has teh alibtiy to mkae oderr out of caohs.


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