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It’s Beginning To Cost A Lot Like Christmas!

Today was the opening day for the Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker Market, and we were  going to be there.

But our first stop was at The Egg and I up in Webster . . . for the second time this week.

What can I say? We really like breakfast.

We got up to the NRG Astrodome area about 10:45am, only to find a total mess.

The directions on our tickets said to enter the area from Fannin St., off the 610 Loop. So after you make the exit and then creep up to the turn onto Fannin, THEN there is sign saying All Fannin Lots Were Full and use the lots on the Kirby side of the area.

Why wasn’t the sign out on the Loop before you got off so you can go on down to the next exit (Kirby) and get off there.

When we did get all the way back on the other side, we able to pull right into the lot and get parked. Then seeing how far it was to the NRG Center (almost a mile) we flagged down a PediCab to take us right to the front door of the building.

The NRG area could learn a lot about managing large crowds from the Texas Renaissance people.

Our first quest was to find the Donne Di Domani (Women of Tomorrow) booth, more popularly known as the “Spaghetti Sauce Ladies”.

For 29 years the ladies have brewing up their special sauce which sells out earlier and earlier every year. Based on an authentic, old-world Italian marinara sauce recipe, all the profits go to local charities, over $2 million so far.

DDD Spagetti Sauce

Needless to say, we got the ‘Spicy’ version.

After meeting up with our daughter Brandi and her friends (more like ‘cohorts in wine-drinking’) we wandered up and down the rows for several hours, buying a few things here and there, and just enjoying all the Christmas hustle and bustle.

Nutcracker Market 3

Nutcracker Market 4

After taking another PediCab back to our car, we headed home about 2:30pm.

we decided to stop at the Webster Hooter’s for some wings. The last time we ate at a Hooter’s was in April 2017 when we were out in LA at the location across the street from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre while we were waiting for the TMZ but tour.

Graumans from Hooters

We noted that they had really upgraded their menu, and it was even more so today.

Jan got her usual Chicken Strip Sandwich,

Hooter's Chicken Strip Sandwich

while I went with the 10 Wings, Naked, All Drums, Half Chipotle Honey and half Habanero BBQ.

Hooter's Naked Drums

Both of these sauces all new, and both were really good.

Finally getting home about 4pm, and after a lot of walking, naps were in order

Thought for the Day:  

“It’s a little hard to herd people onto the trains when they’re shooting at you.”


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