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$1.84 A Gallon . . .

Stopped by the Costco this afternoon on my way home from my client’s to fill up before I pick up Jan on Monday.

And the price has now dropped to $1.84. And then on the way home, the HEB that was $2.12 this morning, is now down to $2.01 to match the WalMart right across the Interstate. But as before, still not any real change in the diesel price.

I did stop at the Denny’s down here to have breakfast, just so I wouldn’t have to fix anything myself. Besides breakfast sounded good.

Tomorrow I’m going to get back on looking for the oil leak on our rig’s Cummins 360 ISC diesel engine. To recap, the leak first appeared on our trip up to Illinois back in June. Since it occurred during our first trip after having the engine serviced and the oil filter replaced, and that the leak seemed to be coming from the vicinity of the filter, I called RV Mobile Lube to come back out and replace the filter. And several engine tests, and even a 2 hour test drive seem to show the leak had been fixed. However, when we headed down to Florida this past October, the leak was back.

Coming back to Houston I tried to use my WiFi Endoscope Inspection Camera to see what was happening.

Depstech Endoscope

But there was so much vibration that the picture was just too blurry to see anything. So tomorrow I’m going to lift the bed up again, remove the Endoscope, and then use one of my Wyze cameras

Wyze Camera

mounted on the end of a long rod to just take a look at the area where the leak seems to be originating and see what’s what’s.

It only leaks when the engine is running, and except for needing to add oil, a couple of gallons every 400 miles or so, the engine runs perfectly. So hopefully I’ll see something tomorrow that will shed some light on things.

Looks like things have warmed up down at Disney World.

Brandi et all at Disney 2

Where it was in the 50’s a couple of days ago, it’s shirt sleeve weather now for Brandi, Lowell,and Landon. Looks like they’re still having a blast.

Only two more days until Jan’s back home. Karma and I are both giddy.

And lonely.

Thought for the Day:

Is there anything so permanent as a “temporary” government program?


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