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Black Friday . . .

I felt a lot better this morning, almost back to normal. Of course maybe it’s because Jan is back home. I certainly think so. And so does Miss Karma.

About 2pm Jan fixed us both a plate of the leftovers from the Thanksgiving feast at Brandi’s yesterday.

Then about 5 I fixed coffee and we had it with the pumpkin pie also left over.

Other than that, we stayed hunkered down, trying to keep out of the stampeding hordes on Black Friday. Or maybe Black and Blue Friday if you’re trying to fight your way through the crowds to grab that last Instant Pot or Grinch doll.

However we did order several things online that will just show up next. No fuss, no muss, no crowds. Nice.

The stuff we ordered last week from Costco came in right on time, matching Amazon. And besides gas, Costco is cheaper on a lot of stuff. The Rotisserie Chicken we got there week before last for $4.99 runs $7.98 at HEB. However I did get a Rotisserie Turkey Breast from HEB this last Monday to flesh out our leftovers.

Yesterday I got up to Brandi’s about 11, bringing the Cracker Barrel Cornbread Dressing that I had picked up the night before.

Of course, we had the Turkey that Brandi fixed,

Thanksgiving 2018 Turkey

a Honeybaked Ham that Chantelle brought,

Thanksgiving 2018 Ham

Jan’s Green Bean Casserole,

Thanksgiving 2018 Green Bean Casserole

and much more.

Then it was time for everyone to line up for the feast.

Thanksgiving 2018 Group

Even Miss Piper.

Thanksgiving 2018 Piper

How she eats like this and still stays this svelte is a real mystery.

This is my 1st plate.

Thanksgiving 2018 Plate

Emphasis on ‘1st’.

Tomorrow we’ll probably sneak out for a bit, for some groceries and probably breakfast somewhere. Hopefully we can still avoid the leftover hordes.

Next week, on Tuesday, I’ll be taking Jan back to Brandi’s so she can dog-sit while Brandi, Lowell, and Landon, along with Chantelle, who’s also our travel agent, her husband Eric, and son Maddox, head down to Disney World for a week.

It’ll be Landon’s first trip to see the Mouse.

Then I’ll go back up on Monday afternoon to pick her up.

One thing about all these to/from trips to Katy is that they’re giving the recent transmission rebuild in the Dakota a real workout. With almost 300 miles on the meter, it’s still purring right along with nary a bobble. So far, so good.

Thought for the Day:

Crazy is like diarrhea. You can only hold it in for so long.


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