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Commando Cody – Sky Marshall Of The Universe . . .

Not to be confused with Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow.

I really enjoyed my good friend Nick Russell’s blog a couple of days ago entitled Sky King’s Final Landing. His mention of Sky King, The Lone Ranger, and other Saturday morning stalwarts led me to recall my Saturday favorite.

Commando Cody – Sky Marshall Of The Universe

I mean, he had a rocket on his back!

Commando Cody

Commando Cody 2

One of my favorite things was the control panel on the front of his suit.

Commando Cody Control Panel

Originally conceived as a syndicated television series, it was first released as a movie theater serial in 1953 before finally being syndicated on NBC in 1955. It also appeared in several previous incarnations as Radar Men from the Moon and Zombies of the Stratosphere in 1952.

But what’s really neat is that all the 30+ episodes are available on YouTube. Perfect for my late night viewing.

I  did get my Shipping Program running today at my client’s. You enter the Shipping Wt. and the Zip Code and you get this.

The Package Weight is 15 pounds.

The Package Zip Code is 12345
The Package Zone is 7

Flat Rate Envelopes       $ 6.35
Legal Flat Rate Envelope  $ 6.65
Padded Flat Rate Envelope $ 6.90

Small Flat Rate Box       $ 6.85
Medium Flat Rate Box      $12.45
Large Flat Rate Box       $17.10

Regional Rate Box A       $10.29
Regional Rate Box B       $18.47

Cubic Box 0.1             $ 7.28
Cubic Box 0.2             $ 8.22
Cubic Box 0.3             $10.26
Cubic Box 0.4             $12.48
Cubic Box 0.5             $15.39

Priority Mail By Package Weight

Shipping Cost is          $39.76

As you can see there is a large variation in shipping cost depending on how the package is shipped.

Next up is to add in the First Class rates and then pretty it up.

Yesterday I was changing some configuration settings on our 40” Samsung TV and remembered that it can be connected to the Internet for streaming from Amazon Prime, HULU, Netflix, etc. using the Smart Hub function.

I had never set this up before due to the fact that with our Verizon MiFi hotspot and its restricted data limits, but since we’ve got an excellent high-speed WiFi here, I thought I’d give it a try.

It only took about 5 minutes to connect it to the Internet and set on Amazon Prime. And about 5 minutes later Jan had found Versailles Season 2 and was ready to stream the 4 episodes that she had missed.

Tomorrow Jan and I are meeting Brandi in downtown Houston at the Nutcracker Market. And on the way we’ll be stopping off for our favorite meal, breakfast, and at one of our favorite places, The Egg and I, for the second time this week.

Looking forward to it.

Thought for the Day: 

It’s probably best not to wear panties if you keep getting them in a bunch.


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