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Now I’m Worried . . .

Work was pretty much as usual  today, changed a few prices online and in the catalog, fixed a few machines, and monkeyed around with the Shipping program some more.

The only thing different was that I left about work about 2pm to head back to the rig. I was going to pick up Jan and then take her up to Brandi’s to Landon-sit for a few days until Thanksgiving.

Since it was on the way, I pulled into the new Costco to fill up my tank. Last time I was here, regular was $1.99, so I was curious to see if that price was just a grand opening special, or what.

Costco 198

So it was even a little cheaper now. Nice.

And saving about 20 cents a gallon would pretty quickly cover the $60 cost of a Costco membership

I got back to the rig about 2:45, and loading up the bags and stuff Jan was taking with her up to Brand’s, all I can say is Now I’m Worried.

Jan had 4 large bags and some hang-up stuff . . . for a two day/three night stay. So how much is she going to have on our 4 week European Cruise Tour?

Since Brandi called on the way and said Landon wasn’t feeling well, Jan and I decided to stop off at  La Finca Mexican Restaurant for dinner and then take something for them. Later at the house I helped Landon get his Xbox and Nintendo Retro video games hooked up and working on the upstairs TV.

I waited for the traffic to die down before heading back to the rig about 7:30.

So now it’s just Karma and me for a couple of days.

I mean, how much trouble can we get into by ourselves?

Thought for the Day:

Sometimes I just clap because it’s over, and not because I liked it.


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