Now I’m Worried . . .

Work was pretty much as usual  today, changed a few prices online and in the catalog, fixed a few machines, and monkeyed around with the Shipping program some more.

The only thing different was that I left about work about 2pm to head back to the rig. I was going to pick up Jan and then take her up to Brandi’s to Landon-sit for a few days until Thanksgiving.

Since it was on the way, I pulled into the new Costco to fill up my tank. Last time I was here, regular was $1.99, so I was curious to see if that price was just a grand opening special, or what.

Costco 198

So it was even a little cheaper now. Nice.

And saving about 20 cents a gallon would pretty quickly cover the $60 cost of a Costco membership

I got back to the rig about 2:45, and loading up the bags and stuff Jan was taking with her up to Brand’s, all I can say is Now I’m Worried.

Jan had 4 large bags and some hang-up stuff . . . for a two day/three night stay. So how much is she going to have on our 4 week European Cruise Tour?

Since Brandi called on the way and said Landon wasn’t feeling well, Jan and I decided to stop off at  La Finca Mexican Restaurant for dinner and then take something for them. Later at the house I helped Landon get his Xbox and Nintendo Retro video games hooked up and working on the upstairs TV.

I waited for the traffic to die down before heading back to the rig about 7:30.

So now it’s just Karma and me for a couple of days.

I mean, how much trouble can we get into by ourselves?

Thought for the Day:

Sometimes I just clap because it’s over, and not because I liked it.


2 Responses to Now I’m Worried . . .

  1. Elizabeth says:

    One of the main things we buy at Costco is their gas.  Hubby likes that it has NEVER pinged our engine, unlike other kinds.  So when we have gone elsewhere even, we keep track of those Costco stations so we can fill up at them as much as possible, even traveling.  We also use them for prescriptions …mostly.  Except for insulin.  3x more with insurance there than without insurance at Walmart.  For same product.  No thanks. They do save about half however on my extremely expensive blood pressure med. So that, along with using their credit card even elsewhere and its rebates, more than pays for our membership.  We do not have a deep freezer, so we cannot take as much advantage of some foods as we might.  Maybe someday…and one of our 2 Costcos here now makes a killer cheeseburger in their food court according to hubby (I have to be gluten and milk free)…and for $5.  Well, Happy Thanksgiving…and hope the grandson feels better soon!!

    • gregwhite says:


      We found the same thing about Costco’s prescriptions vs. Walmart and Sam’s too.

      Will have to check out the Cheeseburger.

      Happy Thanksgiving.

      Greg and Jan

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