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Everyone Is Unique!

Our venerable Lasko tower ceramic heater died this morning, so I guess we’ll be heater shopping this weekend. I think we got it in 2008 when we first started RV’ing, so I think we’ve gotten our money’s worth.

]We first use it this winter a couple of days ago and it was working fine. But this morning when it was down to about 50 degrees, I turned it on and it worked for about 10 minutes and then shut off.

The red power light was still on, but that’s it. I can unplug for about 15 minutes,  plug it back in, and then it will work again . . . for about 10 minutes.

It maybe clogged up and overheating, kicking off the thermal switch, so I may try to take it apart and see if the vents are clogged. Though it doesn’t look like it’s really made to take apart.

But when has that ever stopped me?

Coming home from work, I finally got gas at the new Costco. Of course the last time I tried it, I couldn’t get the gas cap cover open.

I don’t know if it’s some grand opening special or what, but the gas here is $2.17, 18 cents a gallon cheaper than the next closest, $2.35 at WalMart. Hope it holds up.

For dinner tonight we finished off the last of Jan’s famous chili. Even better this time since she added more ground habanero powder.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

Still didn’t hear anything from Snider Transmission today, but I told them to take their time, so I figure early next week. In the meantime I’ve been browsing online, looking over possible Dakota replacements. but nothing has reached out and grabbed me yet.

FWIW when we were toad shopping in 2007, we both thought the Dakota was the one.

Spent a little more time calling around looking for the Shingrix shingle vaccine with no luck. If we don’t find some by the end of the month, we’ll probably go ahead and get the old Zostavax shot.

They’re not as effective for seniors as the Shingrix, which is actually a two shot treatment, but it’s supposedly better than nothing. And it won’t interfere with the Shingrix shots later.

Thought for the Day: 

Everyone Is Unique! Just Like Everyone Else!


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