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A Busy Week Ahead . . .

I spent most of the morning trying to straighten out our prescriptions at WalMart. First up, the first part of October both Walmart and Sam’s Club updated (changed) their discount drug lists.

Luckily the ones that WalMart dropped got picked up by Sam’s and vice versa. So it just means we’ll have to move some of our scripts back and forth. But the real problem came with the prescription renewals that our doctor faxed over this past Friday.

Yesterday afternoon we got a text from WalMart saying 8 prescriptions were ready, for a total of $1358.92.

That’s One Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Eight Dollars and Ninety Two cents.


Checking out both discount lists, my drugs should have totaled $46 and Jan’s about $84.

It was also a problem that the nurse sent all the scripts to WalMart, and not the ones that were supposed to go to Sam’s.

So where did the $1300+ come from?

Looks like I was going to have to talk to the WalMart Pharmacy directly for that.

Jan and I finally left the rig a little before 2pm with our first stop for lunch at Floyd’s Cajun Seafood. It’s been a couple of months and Jan was jonsin’ for their catfish fillets, and I could certainly go for a big bowl of their Shrimp Gumbo.

But we both started with a Side Salad, Jan’s with Ranch and mine with Blu Cheese.

Floyd's Side Salad

It’s kind of funny, but I never really liked Blu Cheese Dressing until I got hooked on Wedge Salads. Now it’s my choice on regular salads as well.

Jan of course, went with the Catfish and the Grilled Veggies,

Floyd's Grilled Catfish 2

while I got the Shrimp Gumbo, also with the Grilled Veggies.

Floyd's Gumbo with Grilled Veggies

And when I say Shrimp Gumbo, I mean Shrimp.

Floyd's Shrimp in Gumbo

And Floyd’s is the place that turned us on to the Grilled Veggies, and we’ve gotten them at several other places too. They’re jus the normal Steamed Veggies thrown on the grill for a few minutes with a little butter or oil.

Just ask. We’ve never had anyone tell us No. Give it a try.

Our next stop was WalMart and their Pharmacy. Turns out that for some reason the nurse had sent over a prescription for Vescepa. And a month’s supply of it is $858.

YIKES, again.

And we don’t know why it was sent over anyway. It’s for high triglycerides, and it’s never been prescribed to Jan before. So we dropped that.

Next up was Losartan, which should have been sent to Sam’s, not WalMart. At Sam’s it’s $12 for a 90 day supply. At WalMart it’s $345 for a 30 day supply. So that was out too.

So now all we had to do was to send the other ones over to Sam’s and it was all straightened out.

Heading  home we drove by the house to see what was up with it. And rather that looking better, it actually looked a lot worse than when we left for Florida over a month ago.

House Condition

The front yard was littered with trash and branches that fallen from the trees. Plus about 15 feet of the sidewalk was gone, seemingly dug up to replace the water meter box, which looked new.

Don’t know what the problem was, but it wasn’t there when we owned it.

Next week looks to be a busy one for us. Beside work, Tuesday afternoon we both have ophthalmologist’s appointments to take a look at our cataract situation.

Jan has had hers for a number of years, waiting for them to get big enough to be operateable.  Mine, only in my left eye, wasn’t there a few years ago, so I don’t know if it’s large enough to take out too.

Then on Thursday, we’ve got tickets to the Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker Market.

Nutcracker Market 2

Put on for the last 37 years, it’s a fantastic event full of gifts, food, and sugar plums. All as a fund-raiser for the Houston Ballet.

Nutcracker Market

It’s been a number of years since we’ve been and we’re really looking forward to it. And even better, Brandi will be meeting us there.

BTW if you really need Vescepa, with a discount coupon from GoodRx you can get it for only $242.00.

Thought for the Day: 

Indecision is Key to Flexibility


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