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Now That’s Just Mean . . .

We decided that today was just going to be a do-nothing day, and that’s pretty much what we did.

Though I did get up enough go to take a look at our Lasko heater problem.

Lasko Heater

I was going to take it apart to see if it was clogged up with dust and cat hair, enough to make it run hot and trigger the thermal overheat switch.

The heater has a total to 10 screws holding the case together. 7 of them are standard Phillips type, and another one is a Torx screw.

No problem as I have a complete set of Torx drivers here at the rig. But then they just got mean.

The remaining two screws looked like these.

Notched Spanner Security Screw 2

These are Notched Spanner Security Screws.

I guess I could understand using ONE security screw in the case. I regularly run into different types of these screws of some of the machines I repair at my client’s. In fact we have a set like this from Harbor Freight.

Harbor Freight Security Bit Set

But I have never seen any unit with three security screws, and of two different types.

Actually there are two different types of Spanner screws, the notched type, and the Snake Eyes Spanner version, like this.

Snake Eyes Spanner Security Screw

But they’re both removed with the same bit,

Spanner Security Bit

like these.

So I’ll bring the bit set home, but now it possibly might not be needed.

When we got up this morning, it was in the low-50’s outside, and the low 60’s inside. So I went ahead and turned the heater on for as long as it would work.

And it proceeded to work all morning with no problems, until it wasn’t needed anymore. But I’ll probably still take it apart anyway.

We were sitting around this afternoon trying to decide what we wanted to fix for dinner.  But as happens, we didn’t want to fix anything. What we did want was breakfast, so about 4:30 it was off to Denny’s.

We’ve had the same waiter, Scott, so many times I think he pretty much knows our order by heart since we always get the same thing.

Yeah, it’s a rut, but it’s a tasty rut.

Coming home we made a Dollar General store for a couple of things. Specially, White Out and some legal pads. Don’t know what the problem with WalMart is, but the last 3 or 4 times we’ve been there, they’ve had no White Out OR legal pads.

It seems like they’ve never really restocked since the Back to School horde passed through. It was either a horde or plague of locusts stripping the shelves bare.

But DG had both in stock, and some other stuff that we just had to have.

Last thing, we stopped by the PO to check our mail, and then it was home for the night.

Thought for the Day: 

I have a photographic memory, but I ran out out film when I was around 7.


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