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Guess It Was Just Too Gross . . .

Jan and I spent about an hour this morning entering all her medical history in her “Medical Passport” for her upcoming cataract surgery on Dec. 6th, with the right eye about a week later. What I don’t understand is why we keep having to enter the same info over and over for every different doctor and procedure.

They all ask for pretty much the same info, though sometimes in a different order or format. So you would think that they could work out a standard form that could be populated as needed from an encrypted database kept on your own computer.

In fact that’s what I thought was supposed to be part of the ObamaCare’s Medical Electronic Records section, but I guess not.

I spent the day at work split between trying to track down a bug in my Shipping Program, repairing a couple of machines that had come in yesterday, and adding a bunch of new products to our website/paper catalog.

The bug was that when you enter a shipment weight less than 10 pounds it would not print out the regular Priority Mail cost. But all the other prices were fine, and at weights greater than 10 pounds, everything worked fine.

Took me a little bit of debugging to figure out that the problem was when I was converting a string value (the package weight) to a numeric value for the zone chart lookup.

When I talked to them, Snider was trying to finish up our Dodge Dakota this afternoon, but I told them that we wouldn’t be able to pick it up until Tuesday afternoon anyway, so don’t stay late working on it.

For dinner tonight we finished off the last of the big batch of Chicken Veggie Soup that Jan made up on Wednesday.

Jan's Vegetable Soup

Next up for the upcoming cold weather, 38° later this week,  is either Chili or Chicken Tortilla Soup. All delicious.

Tomorrow we’re getting together with long-time friend’s Bob and Maria for lunch at our favorite King Food.

Really looking forward to it.

Thought for the Day: 

You’ve probably seen the ‘Zombie In Love’ commercial running for the new LG V40 ThinQ Cellphone and its versatile camera.

Zombie Lost Arm 2

But have you noticed that the original version, where the guy zombie’s arm falls off, had disappeared from the TV? Here’s what it looked like.

Zombie Lost Arm

Now they cut the spot right before it happens. Check it out.

Guess it was just too gross and they got some complaints.


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