Daily Archives: November 22, 2018

Better, But Still Not Great . . .

I dragged myself out of bed a little after 7 or so this morning, mostly to feed Karma before she started getting ‘bitey’’.  Then I put on some coffee, laid down on the sofa while it was brewing, and fell back asleep.

But it was still hot when I got back up about 9:15, and with the coffee in me, I started to feel a little better. So I was on the road up to Katy by 9:45 with the Cracker Barrel dressing I picked up last night.

I’m feeling better tonight after Jan and I got home a little before 8pm, but I’m still not feeling really good. Don’t think I have Strep Throat as I first thought it might be.

We had a great Thanksgiving with all the family and some family-adjacent family.

If I feel as much better tomorrow over today as I did today over yesterday . . . I think I got that right . . .  then I’ve flesh all this out in tomorrow night’s blog.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

Thought for the Day: 

You know you’re old when you’re entering your DOB online, and when you get to the Year you have to spin that bitch like you were on the Wheel of Fortune.


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