A Good Report!

and We Scored!

Jan had her yearly mammogram this morning and everything came back fine. So of course we’re really happy about that. Jan really likes this place because she always knows the result before she leaves.

Then while Jan was getting that done, I headed over the WalMart, getting there about 7:30. I was surprised to find them handing out toilet paper, with your choice of two brands, and of course, one to a customer. In addition, they also had plenty of fresh eggs.

I was also looking for Paper Towels, but no luck on those, but they did have the Kleenex Jan wanted. So all in all, a successful trip.

Picking up Jan, and getting her great news, we decided to make a stop at the nearby Costco for a couple of other things Jan was looking for. Driving in, I noticed that their gas had dropped to $1.49/gal.

Good for us, bad for the oil ‘bidness’

We got there about 9am, and seeing people wheeling out carts with toilet paper and paper towels, we figured we were on the right path. So we were able to score a package of Paper Towels. Even better, we got a 6 tube pack of Lysol wipes. So our stop here was a successful, too.

And as we were checking out, they announced that they were now out of TP and PT, so we really lucked out, I guess.

However the problem was that when you buy Paper Towels from Costco, you get a 12 pack that takes up the entire backseat of the truck.

Somebody at Costco has a real sense of humor, as seen in this photo I found online.

Costco Jewelry Toilet Paper Display

And it looks like those of you who have squirreled away years of toilet paper, sanitizer, etc. (none of our readers, I’m sure) might be getting their comeuppance, since I saw this sign at Costco today.

Costco No Returns

Since we left the rig about 6:45 this morning, it was too early for coffee, but I set it up before we left, and then used my Switchbot phone app to start it brewing as we headed home.

Jan had one last doctor’s appointment this afternoon, with her oncologist pretty much to just go over her mammogram results, really just a formality since the news was so good this morning.

And in fact, it was apparently so much a ‘formality’ for the office, that they called and wanted to do the appointment online, using a phone app called VSee Clinic. And the call consisted pretty consisted of the doctor saying the mammogram showed no problems, which of course Jan already knew. And it did save us a trip back up to Webster this afternoon.

But we did head back out anyway a little after 4pm, first for a stop at our storage room to drop off our 2 year supply of Paper Towels and Lysol Wipes. Then we phoned in a food order to Los Ramirez Mexican to pick up on our way home. I also had  them add 4 $25 gift cards to our order, to help them out as much as possible. We want them to stay around.

Day 4 in Homeschooling at the Morrison household seems to be a bit rocky.

First thing this morning:

If quarantine doesn’t end soon he’s getting shipped off to boarding school.

Then later.

Lowell bought some mini Twix bars yesterday and Landon kept sneaking them, so today I hid them and Lowell ratted me out and Landon says to me “bruh…just keep the food where it is”.

He’s now contemplating his sarcasm in time out.

Then our son Chris suggested.

Military School!

A little WuFlu News:

More and more good news is coming in from around the world concerning the efficacy of using Chloroquine, HydroxyChloroquine and Z-Packs (azithromycin) to treat the WuFlu. And there are a number of trials going on in hospitals around the U.S., also showing good results.

But they’re probably not using Aquarium Tank Cleaner.

Also heard an interesting discussion online with several doctors talking about the fact that many of the elderly (remember that’s anyone older than me) who have succumbed to the WuFlu would have probably have not survived the regular flu season, now at 23,000+ deaths and climbing. And expected to hit 50,000+ or even higher, as the season progresses.

And finally, it seems that the apocalyptic forecasts that panicked many state and local officials, all originated from a British scientist, Neil Ferguson. Writing from Imperial College in London, he predicted 500,000 deaths in the U.K, and 2.2 Million deaths in the U.S.

But in a big Oops!, he now says that maybe 20,000 deaths in the U.K., and strangely, only about that many in the U.S.

But his original forecasts led to state leaders like Gov. Cuomo of N.Y. saying he needs 100,000 ventilators, and wanting 85 refrigerated trucks to hold all dead bodies.

Oops! indeed.

Thought For The Day:

“Logic is an organized way of going wrong with confidence.” – Kettering’s Law




3 Responses to A Good Report!

  1. Linda in NE says:

    I’ve read the problem with HydroxyChloroquine is that pharmacies  won’t fill prescriptions for it, even for lupus patients that have been taking it all along for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. They say it isn’t an approved drug, yet a pharmacy tech shared that doctors are prescribing it for themselves, their families & friends & that’s putting it in short supply.  I don’t expect that any of us will be able to get it should we catch the virus.


  2. David McCullers says:

    Seriously……a two years supply of paper towels and wipes in your storage building!!! Who is squirreling now???

    • gregwhite says:


      Since I didn’t see an LOL in your question, maybe you’re not familiar with Costco. We bought 1 package of paper towels and 1 package of Lysol Wipes. It is not our fault that they sell paper towels in 12 roll packages and Lysol wipes in a 6 pack. We kept two rolls and one tube of wipes here at the rig, gave two rolls and one tube to the elderly (older than me) lady in the small camper at the end of the park, and took the rest to the storage room since we don’t have room for the 8 rolls of paper towels, 4 tubes of wipes in the rig. Not sure that counts as hoarding, though.

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate the comment.


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