Have You Already Had The WuFlu?

As I mentioned yesterday, Jan came into work with me today and then hung out at the Harris County Library. Then after grabbing  some last minute supplies at the local HEB, she picked me up at the office, and we headed up to Katy about 3pm.

Landon had gone to work with his mother this morning, so we stopped off at Brandi’s office in the Richmond/SH Tollway area to pick him up. Then it was on to the Chick Fil A on SH99 for some, what else, chicken.

We had planned to eat it there, but found that until further notice, they are drive-thru/take out only. And, although the line was long, with their double lanes it went pretty quickly.

Turns out we only beat Brandi home by a few minutes since she ended up leaving work a little early. And as it also turns out, I may get Jan back home quicker than I thought.

Her office is trying to decide if everyone will start working from home. And if they do that, then Jan can come home sooner than expected. We’ll see, I guess.

Within the last couple of days, China has revised their estimate of when the virus started there from mid December to early November. And this could be good news.

One, it means that the virus has been in the U.S for as much as 60 days earlier than first thought. And this means that the ramp-up we’ve been seeing in the last few weeks is not a steep and dangerous as first thought.

And two, it explains why so many people around the country have been diagnosed as having ‘atypical flu’ earlier this year. ‘Atypical’ means the flu version you have doesn’t match any of the prevalent strains going around.

And a lot of people have been chiming in on the blogs and forums how they had flu back in December and January that was diagnosed as ‘atypical’.  All the medical folks could tell them was that what they had wasn’t one of the known versions, since there was no test available for WuFlu.

Finishing up, I found another chart, this one from the W.H.O., detailing the differences between WuFlu, the FluFlu, and just a bad cold.

WuFlu v Cold v Flu


Thought For The Day:

“Make yourself sheep and the wolves will eat you.” – Benjamin Franklin


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  1. Linda Sand says:

    Based on all the things I’ve read the shortness of breath is the main thing to be watching for and if you experience it call your doctor immediately to see where you should go. Do NOT just go to Urgent Care! They cannot properly treat it there so all you do is expose all those already suffering from whatever brought them there while delaying your own treatment.

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