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A Family Reunited . . .

Jan and I were in Smokey The Truck and on our way to Katy about 9:30, really looking forward to getting together at our daughter Brandi’s for post and pre birthday celebrations, and getting all the family together again.

We did make a quick gas stop along the way before hitting the Interstate where Ole Smokey easily kept up with the 70mph traffic with no problem. Maybe we should call her Ole Reliable instead.

She’s got almost 310,000 miles on her, and is only running on 7 of 8 cylinders, but she’s always ready to go in a pinch and get us where we need to go. And save us having to rent a car while the Jeeps in the shop.

Good girl!

We got to Brandi’s a little before 11 and found everyone in the pool.

Brandi 9-11 Pool Party 1

Well, everyone except Landon. He and his BFF Sophie stayed up all night playing video games, and, though Sophie was up, Landon was still sleeping in.

Jan and I said how good it smelled when we were walking up to the front door. And this is why.

Brandi 9-11 Pool Party New Grill

They got a new pellet grill and there was a brisket slow-smoking it in it.

And as soon as Piper and Derek showed up, we all dug in.

Brandi 9-11 Pool Party Brisket

Really, really good, as well as the pan of Burnt Ends she did too.

Brandi 9-11 Pool Party Burnt Ends

And of course all the fixin’s were on hand also.

It was interesting to watch the interaction between all the dogs, big and little. Brandi and Lowell have two, Jack and Baxter, both big, and Chris and Linda brought their two, both small, and then Piper and Derek brought their two, one big and one small.

There was no real fighting, but a lot of ‘arguing’ for a while. In fact, Baxter just went over and hid in one of the bushes to wait it out.

Brandi 9-11 Pool Party Baxter

But eventually it all settled down.

Then it was all back in the pool, this time including Piper and Derek.

Brandi 9-11 Pool Party Piper and Derek

This was Jan and my first time to meet Derek, and he seems like a really nice guy. He’s an electrician, working for a company doing electrical work for places like Tesla and Dell, and he has his own company on the side. And he and Piper are remodeling a house together.

He said he’s hoping to have his Master Electrician license next year, and then wants to go out on his own. He’s also a big SpaceX fan, so we had a good time talking about that.

Brandi 9-11 Pool Party Piper

This was our first time to have the whole family together since this past January, and it really felt good. And even better, it looks like everyone (including Derek) will be coming to our big family reunion in Gulf Shores, AL next June.

Can’t wait.

Thought For The Day:

I’m not superstitious, but sometimes I am a little stitious.



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