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This morning started out with coffee on the patio watching a hummingbird flitter back and forth, but too fast for me to get a photo. These 70° morning temps are really nice for sitting out.

A  British man, on a 4 day, 62 miles canoe paddling trip touring Loch Ness to raise money for charity. He often used a drone to get overhead video and photos, uploading them to the Internet.

He made and posted two long videos to his YouTube channel, and after about a week someone alerted him to something they spotted in his drone footage.

Loch Ness 3

It’s right there, in the red circle. Can you see it?

Well, how about here.

Loch Ness 2

And no, this is not ‘artifact’ or a log on the bottom. In the video it’s moving, and against the wind/waves.

So is this Nessie, the rumored plesiosaur that inhabits Loch Ness?


Someone wondered how deep it was that close to shore. Turns out that Loch Ness is known for its steep drop-off right off shore. And based on the size of the boats onshore, Nessie? is about 30 feet long.

And there’s plenty of room for Nessie, or Nessie’s, to hide. Loch Ness is 23 miles long and averages 150 deep.

Think about it.

Jan and I headed out to have lunch at Gator’s once again. Normally we don’t even look at the menu, but Jan was tempted when she took a look at their new Sunday Brunch Menu, and right there at the top was Avocado Toast, one of Jan’s go-to meals.


But I wasn’t tempted by something new and improved, and went with my old stand-by, the Blackened Chicken Breast Sandwich.

Gator's Blackened Chicken Sandwich 20210605

Then it was off to Home Depot for a few things for upcoming projects, and also to check out their Halloween stuff. And they have some of the best. Really neat stuff.

Like this Ferry For The Dead.

Ferry Of The Dead

It moves, lights up, and talks. And it’s only $399.00

Then it was on over to HEB for a few things before heading home for the night.

A nice weekend.

Lowell sent over this photo of their pool area at night.

Brand's Pool By Night

Not sure if the lights are orange in honor of Halloween or not, but they do look nice.

Thought For The Day:

Have you ever listened to someone for a while and wondered… “who ties your shoelaces for you”?

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