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We Had Given Up Hope . . .

Jan and I left the rig about 11:20 to meet up with some old Alvin Opry friends at Ellie’s Kitchen, a Greek restaurant over in Friendswood. But along the way. we got a phone call saying that it seems that Ellie’s had closed down. Just in the last month it seems, since we called last month before we scheduled it for the group.

By phoning back and forth, on the fly, we moved the lunch to the La Casita Mexican Restaurant, also near Friendswood. Jan and I used to eat about 20-30 years, but it had fallen off our schedule since then.

But it was as good as we remembered. I had the Dos plate, with a Beef Taco, a Bean Chalupa, a Tamale, and two Cheese Enchiladas, along with Rice and Beans.

La Casita Dos

There was a Beef Taco on the left plate, but it didn’t last until the photo. But it was all delicious.

Jan got the Chicken en la Plancha.

La Casita Chicken en la Plancha

Jan said the Caramelized Onions were really good.

We spent the next two hours eating and talking, and also scheduling our next get-together, on October 14th, at the Texas Roadhouse over on Hwy 288 in Pearland.

And next up on our social calendar is lunch up at the Golden Corral in Conroe next Thursday with Debi and Ed Hurlburt, and maybe Janice and Dave Evans, we hope.

During our lunch we were all talking about our favorite places to eat in our area, and the late-lamented Yummy Yummy Chinese Buffet came up. Yummy Yummy closed down ‘temporarily’ back in February 2021 saying they would reopen soon. But they never did, and eventually the signs saying they would be back soon also disappeared.

But still not giving up, we would drive every couple of weeks, always finding a shuttered building and an empty parking lot. Then finally a couple of months ago we just gave up hope.

Then our long-time friend Maria said she thought it had reopened. So coming home we made a detour down Hwy 3, and to our great joy, Yummy Yummy’s had reopened, apparently in just the last few days, since an online review last Thursday the 10th said that they were still closed.

So it’s on the menu for this coming Sunday.

Can’t wait.

Thought For The Day:

Don’t Mistake Silence For Weakness. Smart People Don’t Plan Some Things Out Loud.

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