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Does Amazon Read Our Blog?

First off, Jan and I want to thank everyone for all the many emails and comments congratulating us on our 54th wedding anniversary. We really appreciate all the kind words.

Readers will remember that back in June I ordered these flamingos for Jan’s Flamboyance.

New Facebook Flamingos

According to the ad, they were Made In The USA, and Shipped From California, unlike most FB stuff that usually seems to come on a slow boat from China, literally.

The shorter one is is 28” high and the taller one is 32”, so good size, too. And it would be a perfect addition to the yard.

The first Rut Roh! came 9 days later when I received a notice that the order had shipped from . . . China, via China Post.

The second came about a week after that when I clicked on the ad again, and it had disappeared, or at least the flamingos had. There was something else being sold.

But since I was still getting tracking info as it crawled across China, I was somewhat mollified.

But then about a week ago, the entire company website just disappeared, but the tracking info said the birds were now in the US and in the hands of the Post Office, so maybe things were still OK.

Then yesterday, a package showed up in the mail. It was about 14” long and about 5” square, and it was half crushed. Not a good sign all around.

And it didn’t get any better, or any bigger when we opened the package. Inside was two smaller boxes, and inside those boxes was this.

Wrong Flamingos

For the record, they’re about 8” tall, and not metal, but some sort of resin. And broken, of course.

Well, $^%$#%

So without telling Jan I started working with PayPal (which is how I paid) to get my money back. And though it took a couple of months, I finally got a complete refund. Then checking around I found the same ones on eBay, for a little more money, but shipping from South Carolina, verified by eBay.

So I put in my order and six days later they showed up in a much bigger box than the little pink ones above.

And this morning Jan found them waiting for her out in the living room. Which is where they stayed, since it rained all day. And it doesn’t look any better for the next few days.

Jan and I headed down to Galveston about 3pm for Saltgrass Steakhouse Anniversary dinner, after spending an hour or so driving and parking along the Seawall.

Jan Saltgrass 54th Anniversay

Just as beautiful as when I married her.

After I mentioned in yesterday’s blog about Amazon ‘taunting’ me with same day delivery and then not delivering, Well, after I posted the blog last night, I went to Amazon to order something for us, rather than work, and it popped up and said that if I ordered in the next 13 minutes it would be delivered between 4am and 8am this morning. Which was only about 5 hours away.

So I had to try this so I went with it. And according to the email, the package was delivered here at the rig at 5:56am. Nice.

So does Amazon read our blog and decided to make amends?

Jan wanted me to clarify something. In last night’s blog, talking about the early years of our marriage, I mentioned Jan saying this.

Jan later said she was determined for us to stay together for at least the first five years just to spite my mother.

What I left out is that my mother said the marriage would never last five years. So the above was Jan’s response.

My mother was determined that I would marry the girl who lived here.

Wallace House 1

And  yes, it was featured in Life magazine.

I dated her for about a month or so, and though she was rich, she was a little too crazy even for me.

Thought Jan and my mother settled into an uneasy truce over the years, my father was crazy about Jan, and she him.

Thought For The Day:

Sometimes when I’m bored, I call in sick to places where I don’t even work. I’m getting written up at WalMart next.



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