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I Tasted It Too . . .

I’ve talked a lot about Ivermectin recently, and its use in other countries to very successfully combat CoVid.

I also mentioned Ivermectin is a standard remedy for Rosacea, though I didn’t mention at the time that Jan is one of those people who uses it for a little Rosacea on her checks. Since the prescription version runs from $116.00 to over $400, for a SINGLE tube of the cream, Jan decided to use the infamous Apple-Flavored Horse Dewormer Paste from Tractor Supply. And at $6.49 a tube, a much better deal.

And despite all the online rumors, it’s exactly the same stuff. Besides the Apple-Flavoring, the only difference is the Human version is 1% and the Equus version is 1.87%. So it’s a little stronger.

Now a lot of people, planning to use it for CoVid purposes, have talked about the taste. Some hated the taste, and others said it wasn’t bad.

So, of course, I had to try it too.

Putting an eraser-size blob on the end of my finger, I gave it a taste. Definitely Apple-Flavored, with a slight after-bitterness. But not bad, overall. Some spread it on an apple, and others mixed it with peanut butter.

Either would be just fine with me, if we have to go the Anti-WuFlu route.

But today Jan opened a new tube, this one not Apple-Flavored. For some reason the same company makes it both ways. So, of course, I had to taste this version too.

And it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, overall, it may have tasted better than the Apple-Flavored one. Fruity, but not really. Maybe fruity-adjacent. And even better, there was no bitter aftertaste.

So we’re to go with those tubes.

And Jan says it does a great job on her rosacea.

And here’s more in our Canadian travels in 2009.

September 20, 2009

Back in the USA…Again!

Today we finally get back to the USA…at least for this year.

The Grenville RV Park where we’ve been staying is right on the St. Lawrence River and it’s really nice.

Grenville 2

Grenville 1

Even Mister approves.

Mister on Guard

We left the park about 9:45 am, heading about 7 miles back in the wrong direction so we could have breakfast at the 730 Truck Stop Restaurant where we ate dinner last night. It was that good!

We normally don’t eat breakfast when we’re on the road, but this place was too good to pass up. And after a great breakfast, we finally hit the road about 11 am for the 165 mile trip to the Rome, NY area.

We went thru Customs into the US a little after noon. It was good to be back.

We did have a small problem in that I got fussed (more like yelled at!) at by the Border Agent for going the wrong way.

As we approached the border crossing the signs said Autos to the left and Trucks to the right. Now, when we came back into the US at Houlton, ME last week, the signs said Autos/RV to the left and Trucks to the right, so no problem. And it was the same last year going in and out of Canada and the U.S.

But when we got to the crossing here, there were no other RVs so I didn’t have an example to follow. In the past, when I have had to go thru toll booths and crossings that weren’t really meant for RVs, it was a very tight squeeze, in some cases my mirrors cleared the pillars with about an inch on each side.

So I took the safe approach and went thru the truck side.


We did have to go thru the VACIS gamma ray scanner on our way out. This scanner X-rays the vehicle looking for hidden compartments and contraband. I guess they didn’t find anything because they let us go.

All in all, waiting in line and the inspection/scan only took about 15 minutes.

We arrived at The Landing Campground about 2:30pm and got set up. Even though there are a lot of trees in the park, I was still able to get a good satellite signal.

A couple of hours later we went to supper at Gary’s restaurant on Lake Oneida. Very good, and the lake view was great.

After we got back, we set outside out with Mister for a while so he could check out the area.

Then it was in for the night.

Tomorrow we’ll drive over to Rome to try and find where Jan and her family lived when her father was stationed at Griffiss AFB here.

Thought For The Day:

Horse Food

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