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And Of Course, For the First Time in a Month …

It rained.

I tried. I really did. Right after I finished my coffee I headed outside to get started, only to be greeted by the loud rumble of thunder, a gray solid overcast sky, and heavy rain drops.

Where did that come from?

We haven’t had any rain in over a month, at least that’s what La Crosse Weather Station says. And none was scheduled for today. So why rain on my parade?

One thing I did do was to top off our fresh water tank for our upcoming jaunt. We were below 1/4 tank, and we don’t expect to need it, but it’s best to be prepared.

Since I decided to put off the power washing until this afternoon, weather permitting, we headed out up to Webster about 1pm. Our first stop was for breakfast, again. Like I said, it’s our favorite meal.

But this time it was to another local favorite Breakfast/Bunch/Lunch place of ours, The Egg and I. We’ve been eating here for years, even before we started RV’ing in 2008 and it’s always been great.

Ironically, one of our favorite things there is not just the food, but their Hazelnut  Coffee. Don’t know what brand it is, or where they get it, but it’s literally the best tasting coffee we’ve ever had. Much better than any of the Hazelnut coffees we buy at the store. And we’ve tried a lot of different brands.

As far as breakfast itself, Jan had an Omelet with Mushrooms, Onions, and Avocado with Fruit and an English Muffin.

Egg and I Avocado Omelet

I stuck with my usual Two Eggs Over Easy, with very crispy Bacon, Fruit, and an English Muffin.

Egg and I Two Egg Breakfast

A great breakfast. Just wish it was a little closer.

Then it was a quick stop by my clients to see if my Wyze Pan Cam had come in as promised.

Wyze Pan Cam

Well, it may have been promised but is was not kept. It seems like every time a package doesn’t show up on time, it’s in the hands of the Post Office. In this case, according to the tracking, UPS delivered it to the Houston PO on Wednesday. And there’s been no change in the tracking info since them. It’s just sitting around out there somewhere.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night, my rear end.

Our last stop was at the El Dorado WalMart to pick up Jan’s prescription that we dropped off a couple of days ago, and once again GoodRx saved us a bunch of money.

I’ve mentioned this app before, but if you don’t use it, get it. The first thing is that it shows you the cheapest places for any drug in your area. Pretty useful by itself. But it get’s better.

In many cases GoodRx also gives you additional discounts, either by a coupon you print out and give to your pharmacy, or just a code number that you show to the clerk when you check.

In today’s case, the initial cost for Jan’s prescription was $41.58, but after I showed them the GoodRx code on my phone, it dropped to $21.20, almost a 50% discount. Nice!

Tomorrow it’s once more unto the breach, and another try at washing the rig. But we’ll see.

Thought for the Day:

“No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.” -Attributed to Mark Twain, but maybe Gideon J. Tucker, 1866.


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