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My Mother Had Me Tested . . .

I went outside early this morning, well 9am is early for me. to work on the cool side of the rig before the sun came overhead.

I mentioned yesterday how much I liked the Turtle Wax Wax & Dry spray, and how it takes off dirt, water spots, and white streaks. So here’s what I started with,

Rig with Streaks

and here’s after I wet it done, sprayed it with the wax, and wiped it off.

Rig without Streaks

Very nice!

Next up I sprayed the passenger side wheels with water, and then the Eagle One Aluminum Cleaner, let it stand for a few minutes, and then rinsed it off. Still doesn’t work as well as the Busch’s version.

As I was doing the front wheel I noticed that my wheel hub cover was missing on this side. This is the chrome ‘donut’ that surrounds the wheel hub and looks like this,

Rig with Wheel Simulator

and not like this.

Rig without Wheel Simulator

Later in the afternoon I put a call into American Coach Parts and waited on hold for about 30 minutes, only to find out that it didn’t come from them, but from Spartan, the chassis manufacturer.

Luckily this time it only took me about 5 minutes to find out that they had them in stock and the cost was $24.11. Not bad.

But I think I’ll wait to order it until after we get back from our trip, since we leave a week from today.

The last thing I wanted to do was to ‘pre-empty’ the truck bed. It’s been about 3 years since I last cleaned it out, so it was about time. I’m doing this mainly because on Saturday we’re going over to Chris’ to unload the truck bed completely and then load up the furniture we’re taking up to Illinois.

One thing I found going through the stuff was our flamingo menagerie, so I put them out to graze.

Flamingo Group

Later, a little before 4pm Jan and I headed out to have dinner at Pho 20, a local favorite of ours.

I got my usual White Chicken Breast Pho with Veggies,

Pho 20 Chicken Pho with Veggies

while Jan got something new, Lo Mein with Chicken and Veggies. Unfortunately I forgot to get a photo of it. Maybe next time.

Our next stop was the Xfinity Store. When I was recently checking our Comcast Internet bill at my client’s, I noticed that it said that with our business plan, we got access to the millions of Xfinity WiFi Hotspots. Great.

But after two hours on the phone yesterday, I still was no closer to finding out where to get an account. So I decided to check out the Xfinity store. I did have to wait in line for about five minutes, but when I explained my problem, the guy laughed. He said they never get this straight, and told me exactly how to get online.

And couple of minutes later I used my Samsung Tab 4 to get on from the parking lot. Nice!

Then after a quick HEB stop, and an even quicker stop at our storage room, we got home a little after 6pm.

Another busy day. And we’ve got another week’s worth before we hit the road next Thursday.

Thought for the Day:

I’m not a psychopath. My mother had me tested. I’m a high-functioning sociopath. You’ve been warned.


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