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Getting Close . . .

Jan and I spent most of the day sorting through the last of the stuff, deciding what goes to the storage room and what stays with the rig.

But taking a break for a bit, I took a look at replacing the oven light in our Sharp 1850 microwave. It died a week or so ago, which I guess is pretty good, since in 11 years we’ve never had to replace it before.

I have the service manual for it, but at first it wasn’t very encouraging. It seemed to say that to replace the oven light I would have to drop the unit from its hanger on the wall.

Well that would be pretty stupid.

But I finally figured out that since this was a complete service manual, like replacing the computer board, or the magnetron, or the stirring motor. So that every repair starts with removing the unit from the wall

After that it was just a matter of pouring through 38 pages of fine print to find the side note about how to replace oven light. And when I got into it, I found this.

Microwave Broken Bulb

The glass bulb, though still intact, had broken off, leaving just the base stuck in the socket. It took some finagling, but I finally got the base out using a pair of needle nose pliers. It’s just a standard 30W appliance bulb so I’ll pick one up tomorrow from WalMart.

While I was researching all this, I did come across a couple of interesting websites that those of us who like to repair things might like. Check’em out.

Another thing I did this afternoon to lay out the maps of our upcoming travel days, entering them into my Delorme Street Atlas GPS program, including any planned stops along the way.

For those of you wondering or debating about a Passport America membership, we will save $155 on this trip using PPA. That’s more than 3 times what the yearly PPA membership will cost you.

And on our Western trip last year, from February 2017 to June, we saved over $1000, including two weeks at a park in Apache Junction, and three weeks at a park near Rapid City. All at half price.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be my last two days this week with my client until we get back on July 9th, but I’ll be handling things on line as much as possible.

Thought for the Day:

I’m started to think that it’s just matter of time before they add ‘Syndrome’ to my last name.


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