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They Lied. It’s Not . . .

Work was pretty smooth today, with no fires to put out. I’m mostly going over stuff to be sure I’ve got everything covered for the three weeks we’ll be gone.

Later, getting home and changing, I went outside to clean the rig wheels on the shady side (Driver’s). And that’s when I found out that they lied. The guy at O’Reilly’s, I mean.

Eagle One Aluminum Cleaner

He told me that the Eagle One Aluminum Wheel Cleaner that he sold was just as good at the Busch’s brand that I talked about in a earlier blog. But it wasn’t.

When I went to buy more Busch’s locally  I found it wasn’t available here, just from Amazon and Busch’s directly. So I went to O’Reilly’s to see what they had.

The Eagle One just didn’t get the heavy crud off the wheels, even after scrubbing with a heavy brush and leaving it on longer before I rinsed it off. But it’ll have to do for now, and I’ll order some Busch’s when we get back from Illinois/Alabama.

I did pick up something at O’Reilly’s that I really like. It’s Turtle Wax  Wax & Dry and unlike the Eagle One, this stuff really works.

Turtle Wax Spray and Wipe

You just wet down the area, spray it down, and wipe/buff it off with a soft cloth. It not only shines it up really nice, it also takes care of any white streaks, water spots, and dirt. A great product.

But it still doesn’t make up for the Eagle One recommendation.

Tomorrow we’ll close in on wrapping up the storage room stuff, finish up cleaning and waxing the rig, and start sorting through the stuff in the back of the truck. And somewhere in here we’ll hopefully find time for a WalMart run and some Pho 20.

A busy day.

Thought for the Day:

You know a woman is mad when she starts off her sentence saying,
“I just find it funny how…”

Because there’s a 99.9% chance she did NOT find it funny.


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