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The Gang’s All Here . . .

Once again we were up early this morning, at 6am, to be at the local WalMart at 7. I discovered yesterday that I needed a new tire on the front passenger side of the truck, and we wanted to beat the crowd.

We got there a few minutes after 7 and found only 2 people ahead of us. But by the time the service writer had taken care them and then us, it was 7:30. No problem, though since we didn’t need to meet everyone at the Denny’s right across I-70 until 9.

Jan and I did some shopping while we waited, and then they called us about 8:20 to say it was ready. But before we left I pulled the fuse cover off the driver’s side end of the dashboard to check and then replace the 15A fuse that powers the cigarette lighter where our GPS and Dashcam are plugged in. It had suddenly gone dead yesterday, but a new fuse fixed it right up.

Getting over to the Denny’s, we had still more people this time.Besides Gwen, we had 3 more of the grandkids, Ella, Avery Jane and Anniston, so eight in all this time. We get more people every day.

After breakfast we all piled in to Debbie’s SUV, well, except for husband Jim, who went back home to getting mowing on his 10 acres. We were heading over to Winfield, MO, the other side of St. Louis, about 2 hours away.

There we meeting up with Brandi, Lowell, and Landon, who had flown into St. Louis this morning on a redeye flight and were meeting us at Tana and Curtis’ place to check out their new house.

Tana had a delicious lunch of shredded chicken sandwiches, beans and chips ready for us by the time we got there. While Curtis, Lowell, and I talked guns and cars, the wives talked redecorating, and the kids all hung out in the media room.

Kids in Tana's Media Room

Finally a little after 3pm, we started back to Vandalia with Brandi, Lowell, and Landon following us back in their rental car, where they’ll be staying at Debbie’s until Sunday. So by the time Jan and I picked up the truck we left at Denny’s,  and got back to the rig, it was almost 6pm. A really nice, fun day.

Tomorrow it’s Denny’s again, (I think Jan and I are considered regulars now) with even more family this time. Then Jan, Debbie, and Brandi are taking all the kids over to the Children’s Science Museum in St. Louis.

But I’ll be coming back to the rig to dig into the generator problem. Reading a lot of RV blogs, I’m more and more hopeful that the fuel pump is the problem.

But as usual, we’ll see. I really would like to get it fixed before our trip back home starting this Sunday.

Thought for the Day:

If the thoughts really start counting, then I’m going to be in jail.


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