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As The Days Dwindle Down To A Precious Few…

I spent most of the morning at my client’s finishing some last minute repairs on several  machines that came in yesterday afternoon.

And since they didn’t want to wait  3 weeks to get their machines back. Lucky for them I was able to get all three repaired and ready to ship out tomorrow. I also went over some possible problems and how to fix them. But we’ll see how that works out.

On the way home I stopped off at the Batteries and Bulbs store to pick up a couple of bulbs for our microwave, and then down the road a bit, I stopped off for Powerball and MegaMillions tickets.

Getting home I started packing up what should be our ante penultimate load for the storage room. More than likely, we will have to make a couple of more small trips for small stuff that we can’t find a place for in the rig. But we’ll see.

Heading out we once again stopped off at the local Denny’s for breakfast, an omelet for Jan and eggs over medium for me. Then after dropping our stuff off at the storage room it was back to the rig for more travel prep.

When we were at WalMart the other day I came across this new product  from the Duck Tape people. Called Pack & Track, you get a package of 40 special encrypted QR code stickers, and a free phone app you download.

You put a sticker on each box, scan it with the app, and then tell the app via voice or typing everything that’s in the box. Then when you want to find something, you just ‘ask’ the app and it will tell you where it’s located and what box it’s in. Really neat, and prefect for tracking what’s in our basement bins, and of course, what’s in the storage room. 40 stickers are $15, and you can buy multiple sets of labels. I’ll have to check it out soon.

Tomorrow we’ll wrap up everything, set up the Wyze cameras at the house, and take any last minute stuff to the storage room.

We’re running out of days.

Thought for the Day:

Poop jokes aren’t my favorite kind of jokes, but they’re a solid number two.


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