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Yard Work?

First up, some clarifications,.

Writing this blog every night, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what I was going to tell you, what I told you, and what I thought I told you, but forgot.

We are NOT coming off the road. Period. We’re not moving back into our house. Period. In fact, we plan on selling it in the near future.

We bought it in July 1979, right after we moved out here from Montgomery, AL when I went to work for NASA in December 1978. We had to buy it on the spur of the moment when we were not able to lease our rent house for another six months, and had to get into something quickly.

So we bought the first house that would available in the new part of the subdivision. In fact when we signed the papers our house was just a concrete slab, and at only about 1400 square feet, was actually smaller than our house in Montgomery. But we figured that when we got settled in, we’d find something larger.

But time passed, Chris and Brandi grew up and left home, and suddenly we had more than enough room. So we never moved on. At least until we started RV’ing, anyway.

We had originally planned to sell the house toward the end of 2007 before we hit the road, but that was about the time the housing market collapsed. Also complicating things was the fact that both Jan’s mother and mine died in the month of May, 2007, mine on the 9th here in Houston, and Jan’s on the 29th down in Florida..

So we decided to just closed it up and let our son Chris keep an eye on it until we returned from our travels. But then our daughter Brandi decided to move in. Then along the way she got married, had Landon, and then moved to Katy.

However then it worked out that Chris, Linda, and Miss Piper moved in. But now Miss Piper is out on her own, and Chis and Linda are retiring and moving up to the Kingsland/Marble Falls area.

So now it seemed like serendipity. I mean just at the time that we had decided, after 11 years, to slow down our traveling a little, the house coming vacant. It seemed to me that Jan would want to move back into the house, and only use the RV for our travels.

But Jan brought that idea to a screeching halt. She said that our RV was our home and she didn’t want to move out. She said she could clean the entire rig in just an hour or so, and wanted to keep it that way.

Then she said the two words that brought me over to her side of things.

“Yard Work!”

Well, that convinced me.

So now we’re putting the house up for sale.

But with Chris finishing up their move next Wednesday, the 20th, and Jan and I leaving for Illinois the next day, and not planning to be back for almost three weeks, everything has to wait until we get back.

But since I don’t want the house to look vacant, I’m borrowing a car from my client to leave parking in the driveway, and for safety, I’m leaving the cameras inside to allow me to monitor for any problems there.

So that’s where it all stands now. Once we get back from our trip we’ll get on with putting it on the market.

With power washing the rig out of the way, I spend most of today packing  up stuff to take to the storage room. And with today’s two trips we’re getting close.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

Then a little after 4pm we headed up to Webster to meet Chris and Linda at the East Star Chinese Buffet for dinner. Then it was on over to the house to look at what’s going to be left behind, and the furniture we’re taking with us to Illinois for Jan’s sister Debbie.

It’s getting close, with only a little over a week until we leave.

Thought for the Day:

“Let them hate us, as long as they fear us.” – Old Roman saying


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