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Busy, Busy Day . . .

Today was our busiest day in a good while, seemingly pretty much nonstop, starting with heading up to our son Chris’.

We were meeting up to unload the bed of our truck, so we could then load it up with a bookcase, a secretary, a cabinet, two sets of headboard/footboards, two sets of bedrails, the air compressor, and the battery charger.

I not sure how it all fit, but it’s packed in there like a Chinese puzzle box. I just hope we can get it unpacked when we get it to Illinois.

Just about the time we finished the unloading/reloading, Chris’ wife Linda got home from work, and in a very happy mood since this was her very last day on the job before they move up to Kingsland, TX on Wednesday.

So to celebrate we all headed right outside the subdivision to our longtime favorite, Barcenas Mexican Restaurant. We’ve been eating here since it opened in 1998, and some of the wait staff still remember us. Nice.

Jan and I shared the Mixed Fajitas tor Two and it was as delicious as usual.

Barcenas Mixed Fajitas

One thing that makes the beef so good here is that it’s all Certified Angus Beef. Very tender.

Next up we headed back down to the 646 area to see about getting a new tire put on the truck at the WalMart, but they were on a 2 to 2-1/2 hour wait. We’ll check back tomorrow. Then we hit Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s looking for some new shirts for both of us for our trip. Jan found something, but I’ll probably have to order online.

Then we turned right back around and drove up to Webster once again, with the first thing up, a haircut for me.

I went to the same shop I’ve been going to for over 20 years, but Lou, the longtime owner, sold out and retired recently. And unfortunately he apparently took my haircut records with him, as even after I told the new guy exactly how I wanted it, I came out with a LOT LESS haircut than I went in with. And you’all know I don’t have a lot to spare,

Jan suggested that I need to find a New Lou. We’ll see.

Our next stop was the Harbor Freight store right along the way. Jan came in with me because strangely enough she likes Harbor Freight. She also likes trains, science fiction, and guns, so what can I say. Then as we were checking out, Jan handed my bag with the 3 items I had purchased, and said, “Happy Father’s Day”.

Well, don’t I feel special.

Jan And Her Thompson 2

Note the big smile on her face. Of course it seems to run in the family.

Piper's First Gun

with Miss Piper too. I think that’s a Desert Eagle .50 cal. she’s shooting.

Next up was the real reason we came back up, and that was to meet Brandi, Lowell, and Landon at another longtime favorite, King Food. They had come down to drop of some stuff with us to bring up to Illinois with us. They’re flying up and didn’t have room.

Lowell and Landon at Kind Food

Brandi and Landon at King Food

Here Landon’s trying to tell Brandi a joke, but he’s laughing so hard he couldn’t get it out.

So we got to see everyone today except Miss Piper who’s still down in Florida with her boyfriend Connor and his parents.

Coming home it took us a extra 30 minutes on I-45 due to one of those ‘phantom slowdowns’, at least that’s what I call them. That’s where you’ve got three lanes of Interstate traffic putt-putting along bumper-to-bumper at about 5mph for 5 or 6 miles, but with no sign of any kind of accident. Then suddenly you come over the hill and everyone just speeds up to normal speed.

I’ve always figured that maybe there was a cleared accident there earlier and this is just the leftovers. But I don’t know for sure.

Tomorrow will be mostly trying to finish up moving stuff to the storage room, but we’ll see.

Thought for the Day:

Having a dirty mind makes ordinary conversations much more interesting.


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