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Cam Panning . . .

Two good things happened at work today, and nothing else broke or quit working.

First up, the problem I was having with the UPS label printer not printing out the label correctly has been solved. It took some rooting about in the multiple options in the printer driver, but I finally found the correct settings of three different selections before I got it to work. Now to write it down so I’ll remember next time.

And after wandering around Houston for 3 days, at least according to the UPS/USPS tracking, my Wyze Cam Pan finally showed up today and it’s all I hoped it would be.

The app that I already had installed for our regular Wyze Cams worked just fine with the new type, allowing me to set the pan rate and limits on rotation. And with Motion Tracking turned on, the camera will pan to follow the target as it moves.

Not bad for $30.

I plan to use the Cam Pan and my two other regular Wyze Cams to monitor our house while we’re gone to Illinois/Alabama starting next week. One other neat thing is that the Wyze Cams have sound detection and can monitory for smoke alarms as well as any motion.

I’ve also arrange to borrow a car from my client to leave parked in our driveway while we’re gone.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

After I got home about 4:15 I went outside to power wash and wax the front and driver’s side of the rig. Unlike yesterday when it was really hot, today was somewhat overcast, and I was working on the leeward side from the sun, so I never got really hot. Pretty nice,and it’s all done.

And the power washer is one more thing we can take over to the storage room, along with my big ladder. The new one is working out just fine and is the one we’ll be taking  with us when we travel.

Tomorrow I’ll do the rig’s aluminum wheels and get rid of the few white streaks that didn’t come off with the power washing.

Thought for the Day:

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. But I drink coffee, so there.


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