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Guess We’ll Have To Get Netflix Now . . .

I spent the morning at work mostly doing hardware stuff for a change. Wish I got to do more of it.

A customer had sent her Proteus Machine in to have the probe output connectors from the old pin type to BNC connectors, pretty much all the probes are now fitted with BNC’s.

Proteus Output Jack

I’ve done one of these before, and it’s a pain in the rear, but it’s fun because it’s a challenge.

Getting the old coaxes unsoldered and the connecters out is not really the problem.

Proteus Inside Case

And neither was drilling out the holes so the larger BNC’s will fit. Any time I drill in a  populated chassis like this, I back up the hole with a wad of wet paper towel to catch any metal chips that might cause problems later.

No, the real problem is getting my hand holding the solder, my hand holding the hot soldering iron, and my hand holding the flashlight all into the tight confines of the case.

Oh, wait. I think I see the problem.

Because of the bends in this one piece sheet metal cabinet there is just not a lot of room, even after I pull out the circuit board from its socket. But after a lot of tries I finally got it done, put back together, and tested to be sure it was OK. It’ll go out on Monday.

Later heading home, I called ahead to tell Jan to get ready and we’d go out for breakfast at Denny’s. After that we made a quick WalMart stop to pick up another storage bin for our storage room project, and then it was home.

Back home I went back outside for a few more chores. First up was to crawl under the rig and spray my Power Gear levelers with silicone oil.

Rig Front Leveler

I do this once or twice a year and so far I’ve never had a problem. Knock on wood.

Next up I took down my La Crosse Weather Station’s anemometer that ‘s mounted on a pole at the rear of the coach. Then the last thing was to dump our black and gray tanks.

Tomorrow were going over to our son Chris’ to unload the pickup bed and then load up the furniture we’re taking to Illinois next week. And hopefully lunch will be scheduled in here somewhere.

I just read this evening that one of our favorite shows, the recently-cancelled Lucifer, has been picked up by Netflix Streaming today, and apparently at the last moment. After today, the options for the actors and actresses would have expired and all contracts would have had to be renegotiated. Which probably would have killed any deal.

So I guess we’ll have to get Netflix now.

Thought for the Day:

It seems many people stop understanding math because the alphabet got involved.


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