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Not the Fuel Pump . . .

Or the Filter. So . . .

Anyone want to buy a Onan Fuel Pump or Fuel Filter? Never Used.

I’ll let ‘em go cheap.

As usual we were back at Denny’s this morning, but a little earlier, 8:30, and with more people, 12 to be exact. Brandi, Lowell, and Landon were there, as well as Christina, another of Jan’s sister Debbie’s daughters, and Christina’s boyfriend and his two daughters. The Wild Bunch.

After breakfast everyone except me, headed over to the City Museum in St. Louis to spend the day. 10 stories tall, it’s a former shoe factory that’s been transformed into a kid-friendly place with an enormous treehouse, a giant Slinky you can crawl through, and a 10-story spiral slide that takes you from the top floor all the way to the 1st floor.

Jan said the kids had a blast, and so did she. But she didn’t do the 10-story slide. Chicken!

Museum Group Photo

Back on the home front, I got to work on the generator. I ran it out on its electric/hydraulic slide and took a look. Removing the cover panel gave me access to the filter, and sight of the pump.

Rig Generator Access Opening

I removed the two bolts on the bottom of the generator that seemed to hold the pump bracket down, but it wouldn’t budge. I figured that the fuel lines were probably holding it place, but I wanted to be sure, so I put in a call to Onan Tech Support.

After I told him what my problem was, and my solution of replacing the filter and/or the pump. he asked me if the pump was clicking when I tried to start the genset. When I said Yes, he said it was possible that the pump to click and still be bad, but that I should check it out to be sure first.

He told me to disconnect the fuel return line, run it into a bucket, and run the pump for 1 minute.

Rig Generator Fuel Flow Pitcher

Then measure the output. If I got a little less than a cup, the fuel system is OK.

Rig Generator Fuel Flow Cup

And that’s what I got. So it’s something other than fuel. But by this time the Onan tech guy was gone for the day so I’ll have to get back with him tomorrow to see what other ideas he has for me.

The real problem is that we’re running out of time here, with only two more days before we leave for Alabama on Sunday. And these two days are chockfull of family stuff so not a lot of free time. But we will have six days in Alabama, so maybe then if I don’t find something simple and quick before we leave here.

Anyone want to buy a Onan Fuel Pump or Fuel Filter?

Thought for the Day: 

Remember, in a shooting incident, police are not first responders, the victims are.


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