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Still Thawing Out . . .

it never really got above 50­° today, and still trying to thaw out from last night, we never left the rig today.

Instead Jan made up a big batch of slow-cooker soup using a recipe she found on Facebook. Several cans of Dark Red Kidney Beans, a couple of cans of Diced Tomatoes, including a Habanero Rotel, a can of Bold Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce, a can of Minestrone Soup, and a pound or so of cooked hamburger.

Then dump it all into the slow-cooker, and spice to taste. Cook for a couple of hours on HI and then a couple on LO.


Really good, as well as quick and easy.

I’ll post the full recipe to Jan’s Favorite Recipes later.

Jan’s eye is doing better every day, and even better, she’s learned to do her own eye drops so I don’t have to worry about being bit, like when I’m doing it. She also got her a sleep mask that she uses at night instead of the uncomfortable plastic shield.

I did play kind of a dirty trick on her though, right after we got home from the eye doctor the other day.

When she got everything taken care of and sat down, she turned on the TV and found this.

Pink TV Screen

The entire screen was pinkish.

She looked over at me, terrified, and said, “Is there something wrong with the TV, or is it me?

So I looked up and said, “What? I don’t see any problem.” But before she could panic completely, I went over and the DVR off and back on, and the problem cleared.

I’m glad she didn’t have anything close by to throw at me.

Those of you who have WordPress blogs either have already or will have gotten the WordPress 5.0 update. And those of you who use the WordPress built-in editor may find yourselves completely lost.

The new editor, called Gutenberg, is totally different from the old one, both in concept and usage. Everything is done in ‘blocks’ which is the new rage in website programming. But it can be very confusing, especially if you’re just trying to post a simple blog with a couple of photos.

But you can go back to the old ‘Classic Editor’ if you like. From the Dashboard, just go to Plugins, Add New, and search for Classic Editor. Then install and activate that plugin. And now you’re back on the old editor.

I thought I’d post the last of the 2018 Clear Lake Boat Parade photos from last night. We did not stay until the last board passed by because we were so cold we were shivering. And even wearing gloves my finger were so stiff and numb I was afraid I would drop my phone into the water.

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 08

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 10

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 17

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 19

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 20

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 21

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 23

Hopefully next year it won’t be so cold, or we’ll just bundle up more.

Thought for the Day:
  If you’ve never met the devil on the road of life, maybe it’s because you’re both heading in the same direction.


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