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Christmas Comes Early . . .

And an unconventional one, at that. At least as far as Christmas dinner goes.

Because of all the different travel plans this year, December 25th for the White/Morrison clan will be on Sunday, December 23rd. And rather than the usual boring turkey/ham cuisine, Brandi’s doing a brisket with potatoes, baked beans, green bean salad, tortillas, and brownies.

If that doesn’t scream ‘A Texas Christmas’, I don’t know what does.

And even better, Lowell will be heating up the pool/hot tub area for some prime soaking.time.

Most of my day at work was going back  and forth between eBay and PayPal to get a refund on a machine that my client bought off eBay that looked like this on the sale page.

Fischer Epilator 1

But what we received looked like this.

Fischer Epilator 2

And since the seller is no longer answering our emails, I submitted this to both eBay and PayPal, and then it was back and forth between the three of us trying to work out the details.

Coming home this afternoon I stopped off at the Costco for gas, this time down to $1.78. And according to GasBuddy the Sam’s Club down in Texas is at $1.74.


Originally we were going to eat at home this evening, and then do our Christmas dinner shopping and eating out tomorrow. But with the Christmas/Christmas Dinner scheduling change, we had supper at Chili’s once again. And with Jan’s favorite Honey Chipotle Ribs and my Grilled Chicken Caribbean Salad, the food was as good as always. However, as usual, the service sucked.

And although it was Friday, it wasn’t busy when we got there. At this point we might be better off checking out one of the other Chili’s in the area.

Tomorrow will be a busy day of present wrapping and recipe making so we’re ready for Sunday’s get-together. We’re still looking for just the perfect gift for Landon, and then I came across this. Since their new house has a big fire pit,  I thought this would be perfect.

My First Fire

I’m not sure how Brandi feels about it, however.

Thought for the Day:

It takes three men to make up a conspiracy, but only one women. And two women can make a revolution.


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