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The Conroe Bunch . . .

OK, let’s get this straight. I’m not going blind.

We don’t even know if I HAVE Fuchs’ Dystrophy. It’s only a possible diagnosis. The only reason I’m looking into it is because the Sam’s Club optometrist thought I had a cataract.

And I don’t

As far as what I see, I don’t have a problem. My left eye will only correct to 20/50, but my right eye is 20/20. And using both eyes on the eyechart, my total vision is 20/20.

I’m not seeing any glare or halos around lights at night, not any diminishing of my night vision. All in all, it’s not a problem.

Down the road, we’ll have to see.

As far as today, Jan and I headed out about 10am for our get-together with the Conroe Bunch up in Spring at the El Palenque Mexican Restaurant there. We’ve passed it a number of times, but this was our first visit

El Palenque Conroe Bunch

Starting on the left, it’s Ed Hurlburt, Dick Mott, Judy Mott, my Jan, Janice Evans, Karen Headley, Debi Hurlburt, Sandy Mills, Mike Mills, Richard Headley, and Dave Evans.

A motley group if I ever saw one.

We had a great time getting together with old friends Ed and Debi, Dave and Janice, Dick and Judy, and new friends Mike and Sandy, and Richard and Karen. Hopefully we can maybe do this once a month or so.

Finally saying our goodbyes and heading home about 2pm, our first stop was at the Friendswood WalMart for a few groceries, and to pick up the prescription I had dropped off on the way up to Spring.

It was for the steroid drops that I’m supposed to be putting in my left 4 times a day, but they didn’t have the saline drops I’m supposed use 5 minutes before the steroid drops.

Then it was next door to the Sam’s Club for another prescription, plus they had the saline drops, so I was all set for the eye stuff. Then it was back home by 4:30.

A really nice, fun day.

Today I sent this photo over to Brandi, threatening to buy this for her for Christmas.

Unicorn Pool Float

The only problem I see is that she’s gonna need a bigger pool.

For her part Brandi sent over this photo of the Gingerbread House Landon build for school. Unfortunately it didn’t survive the trip home, so of course Landon had to rebuilt it better.

Landon's Christmas Gingerbread House

Tomorrow it’s back to work before the upcoming 4 day Holiday weekend.

Thought for the Day:

It was certainly worth all the time and effort to grab the park’s 1st Prize.

Rig Photo for Christmas Sign 2


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