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5:15 . . . In The Morning?

We were originally told that Jan’s cataract surgery was scheduled for 9am tomorrow morning. So we figured that we’d need to be at the Surgicare Care about 7:30-8:00.

So we were VERY surprised when we got a call this morning to tell us that Jan needed to be there at . . . wait for it . . . 5:15 in the AM.

She will be the first patient of the morning, but we don’t know they’re just starting a lot earlier or what. Or maybe just a lot of  pre-op stuff. Though neither of us remember a lot of prep stuff like this when Jan’s mother had hers done.

Besides being just generally nervous about this, the worse part of the whole thing for Jan are the eye drops. Three times a day today, and then various amounts over the next three weeks. And of course doubling up starting next Wednesday before her 2nd surgery.

The problem with all this is that Jan is EXTREMELY ‘eye-shy’, as in run away screaming ‘eye-shy’. So if she’s this bad with the drops, we can only hope she’s heavily sedated for the actual operation.

On the way home this afternoon, I did stop by the Los Ramirez  restaurant to get a few photos of the Christmas windows. Really nice, especially considering how fast the lady did it.

Los Ramierz Decorations 1

Los Ramierz Decorations 2

Los Ramierz Decorations 3

That’s about it for today since we’ve got to get up so early.

Thought for the Day

When a man says a woman’s place is in the kitchen, he should remember that’s where all the knives are.


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