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A Texas Two Season Day . . .

Today was my second, and hopefully last, treatment in my recent series of head scorchings. But for some reason it wasn’t as bad as last time’s scorching.

Just like last time, they took me in about 11:30, and after the Dr. checked out my previous torturing, he used a roll-on type of dispenser to cover my head in the photo-reactive lotion. Then it was hurry up and wait while it dried for the next two hours as I sat out in the waiting room reading on my Galaxy Tab.

Then it was back up the UV light for another 16 minutes and 40 seconds of a headful of angry bees. Or at least that’s what it felt like.

But this time, instead of the little handheld battery-powered fan I got last time, this nurse, a different one from my previous visit, gave me a large fan to hold in my lap that worked much better. And she even gave me a pillow to prop up my head in the chair.

Which meant, since for some reason it just didn’t ‘burn’ as much as last time, I actually dozed off, and didn’t wake up until the machine shut off and it got really quiet.

The other difference, and one that I think contributed to much less after-pain, was that she had me wash my head at the sink with really cold water for several minutes. Then she rubbed a cooling lotion on my head. And unlike last time, within an hour my head really didn’t hurt anymore. Nice.

I had brought some Hydrocortisone packets with me, but didn’t need them either.

She did seem kind of surprised that none of this was done last time. I wish it had been done this way too.

I’m supposed to go back in a couple of months for a final checkup, then hopefully I’ll be done with this.

Finishing  up there it was off to have lunch at East Star Chinese Buffet, another of our favorites. But it was our first time back since we went to Florida the first part of October, and we realized we missed it.

Then it was a stop by the Lowe’s looking for a couple of things that we didn’t find, and HEB for another bag of the Lola Savannah Texas Pecan Coffee, presently our favorite flavor.

After that, it was home and a nap.

Today was another one of those Texas Two Season Days. You know, the ones where it’s 75°+ during the day and you’re running both of the rig AC’s, and then it’s in the high 30’s – low 40’s at night and you’re running both heaters.

At least it’s not boring.

Tomorrow morning is Jan’s checkup with her eye surgeon after cataract surgery a week ago. And right now Jan is not a happy camper, or maybe not a happy patient. It’s only been a week, but Jan is not happy with how her eye recovery is progressing.

Based on things other people had said about their surgery, she expected her vision to be better by now. So we’ll have to see what the doctor says.

With the ordering of Landon’s last gift from Amazon, we’re pretty much done with our Christmas shopping for this year. We got him this robotics kit that lets him build and program 8 different robots. Then he can control them through his iPad.

Smart Machine Robotics Kit

Smart Machines Robotics Kit

And he can build ones like this,

Smart Machines Robot

or this.

Smart Machines Robot 2

Knowing Landon he’s going to love it.

Thought for the Day:

The trouble with Opportunity is that it usually comes disguised as Hard Work.


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