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Too Close . . .

Well, that didn’t work.

I lifted up the bed this morning, removed my Endoscope, and then tried my ‘Wyze Cam on a stick’ idea. And although I did get pictures, they weren’t of much use because I couldn’t the camera far enough away to really make out what I was seeing.

The frame rail is only about a foot from the oil filter mounting so I couldn’t move the camera any further away . I had more leeway back and forth, but then where I wanted to see was blocked by other engine parts. So now I guess I’m back to square one.

Just as soon as I figure out where square one is.

When I mentioned yesterday that I would lose about 2 gallons of oil every 400 miles or so, one of our blogs readers commented that surely I must have meant ‘quarts’ and not ‘gallons.’

Nope, it’s GALLONS.

My engine holds 26 quarts of oil, or 4½ gallons. So if it were only 2 quarts low, I wouldn’t even notice it. And even being 1 to 2 gallons low, the only thing I notice is that my oil pressure drops from the normal 60-62 psi down to around 55-57.  According to Cummins, as long as it doesn’t get below 50 psi, no problem. Just don’t go any lower. LOL.

I have a new hobby. It seems like I regularly get phone calls ‘spoofing’ a number close to mine, only differing in the last 4 digits. Now normally I just ignore these and they go away, never leaving a voicemail. But a couple of days ago, I decided to try a new tack.

I answered the call with “Investigative Task Force, Fraud Division. Go for Jackson.”

All I heard on the other end was, “Ah . . . Ah . . . Ah . . . ‘Click’

Kind of reminds me when, back in the early 80’s, I was spending two weeks of every month out at the White Sands Missile Range, the location of the backup Space Shuttle Landing Site for the first half dozen or so missions.

On one of these trips, Jan called and said she was getting obscene phone calls late at night. So I asked, “Anything interesting?”

“No. Kind of boring, really. He’s not very good at it. Too much heavy breathing. But he’s calling at 2am and waking me up.”

Thinking about what to do, I remembered the new phone services we had signed up for a couple of months earlier, i.e. Caller ID, 3-Way Calling, and Call Forwarding, and thought that might be a solution.

I told Jan to look up the non-emergency phone number for the Galveston County Sheriff’s Dept. and then when she goes to bed to forward our number to the Sheriff’s number. And of course, don’t forget to change it back in the morning. So she did.

Some of you may remember that when you did this, and you were home when someone called, you would hear a half-ring before the call was actually forwarded. She said she heard two separate half-rings the first night, one the second night, and no more after that.

Problem solved.

While we’re on the subject of phone calls, while I was getting gas at Costco yesterday, I got a call from a client who I hadn’t  heard from in15-20 years. Or so I thought, since her name came up from my Contact list.

But when I answered it,  it wasn’t Marcela. Instead it was Charity at Bay Area Surgicare concerning Jan’s upcoming cataract surgery next Thursday. Guess the number got reassigned sometime in the past.

And following up getting gas at the Costco for $1.84 yesterday, today Sam’s Club one-upped them with $1.79. Wow!

How about that!  A four subject connected segue.

The Headline of the Day: 

Blind Man Sues Playboy’s Website for Not Being User-Friendly to Visually-Impaired

So he really means it when he says he just wants to read it for the articles?

I guess it’s kind of like why they have braille keys on the drive-up ATM’s at the banks.

Thought for the Day:

Two Kinds of Countries



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