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Leftover Leftovers . . .

Today was a very nice, lay around the rig, day. Besides playing on the computer, napping, and talking with Jan,  I spent a good part of it finishing up on the laptop setup for my client’s wife.

The old laptop was so so it took forever to get all the files, docs, photos, etc., copied off so I could get them moved over to the new one. Part of the problem was that old one was so old that it would not recognize my portable HD drive, so I had to copy stuff off to flashdrives before I could move it over.

I then installed and set up LibreOffice and configure her Gmail account. Finishing up I install Remote Utilities Host program, so I can access the machine remotely, which I know I’ll have to do at some point.

Today was another one of Texas days with heaters in the morning, AC’s in the afternoon, and heaters again in the evening. But it sounds like our front  AC may be developing a problem. When it first starts up there’s a ‘whirring’ like a bearing going bad, probably in the fan. At least I hope it’s the fan and not the compressor.

This is the Coleman unit that we upgraded to in the summer of 2015. At the same time the 19 year old unit in the bedroom is still going strong with only a start capacitor replacement back in 2013.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

About a month ago I went online and upgraded our DirecTV account to add the Movie Extra Package, mostly so Jan could get the Hallmark Movie and Mystery Channel. But it never showed up on our Guide. I called DTV a couple things and they reset things on their end, and I rebooted and reset our DVR a few times too. But still no luck.

Finally yesterday I figured it out. All 8 of the channels are in HD only. And because of our Winegard Traveler dome not receiving HD, we are SD only. So I called today to cancel the add-on and get a rebate on the last month’s charges.

Supper tonight was leftover leftovers, with the last of the soup from last week, and the remaining pizza brought home last night from Gramaldi’s.

A perfect combination.

Thought for the Day:

Sometimes my problem is that I have really fantastic bad ideas.


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