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Baby, It Was Cold Outside . . ,

We had a nice slow morning/afternoon today, mostly just doing much of nothing.

Really nice.

Jan and I headed out for the Kemah Boardwalk about 3:45, wanting to get ahead of the expected crowd for the Boat Parade. Miss Piper was supposed to meet us there but had to bow out at the last minute.

Her loss, and ours too, since we were hoping to see her.

We planned to have a leisurely dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse and then walk right next door to the channel between Clear Lake and Galveston Bay for the parade.

We got seated within a couple of minutes so we didn’t need to use the Priority Seating that comes with our Landry’s Select Club membership, but it was nice to have as a backup.

We started off, as usual, with our favorite Wedge Salad, one of the best we’ve found anywhere.

Saltgrass Kemah Wedge Salad

Then, continuing on down our ‘favorites’ path, Jan got the Center-Cut Filet, with the Grilled Green Beans,

Saltgrass Center Cut Filet

while I got the 12oz Ribeye, also with the Grilled Green Beans.

Saltgrass Kemah Ribeye

The beans are really good, but are not on the ‘Sides’ menu. On our last visit to Saltgrass, Jan noticed them in a photo of another entrée, and found we could order them too.

We also each got a serving of the creamy horseradish sauce to go with our steaks. And it also makes a good dip for the green beans.

Everything was as good as we’ve come to expect from Saltgrass, and so knowing we wouldn’t be able to finish them, we both got desserts.

So Jan got the Cheesecake,

Saltgrass Kemah Two Fork Cheesecake

while I got the Pecan Pie Bread Pudding with Bourbon Cream Sauce.

Saltgrass Kemah Pecan Pie Bread Pudding

As the waiter sat it down in front of me, I was stunned. It looked a lot smaller in the photo on the menu. II was the size of my dinner plate.

Delicious, and both of us had plenty to take home.

By now it was a little before 6pm, so we headed over to the channel to get a viewing spot along the rail.

And it was a good thing since the crowd filled in behind us pretty quickly. The bad thing was that the first of the boats didn’t show up for another hour, and it was freezing. Or at least darn close.

Although we were bundled up pretty good, with coats, gloves, and watch caps, the 45 degree temps and the15 knot wind running along the channel gave us a wind chill in the mid to high 30’s. Yikes!

But finally the boats started showing up a little after 7pm. So to finish up I’ll just post some of the photos, with some more tomorrow night.

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 1

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 2

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 3

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 6

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 7

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 12

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 13

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 18

2018 Christmas Boat Parade 9

More Tomorrow.

Thought for the Day:

And there’s nothing wrong with that song, either!


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