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OK, Who Squealed?

I spent some time this morning setting up a laptop for my client’s wife. Her old one, with a Pentium CPU and running Windows XP, is on its last legs. And I’m glad it’s finally dying since I’m getting tired trying to keep it running.

Jan and I headed out for lunch and more about 1:30. Originally we were going to have lunch at the Monterey’s Little Mexico up in Alvin, but right before we left Jan saw a TV ad for Pizza Hut. So that became our lunch destination. No, not Pizza Hut, but our all-time favorite pizza place, Gramaldi’s, and our local one at Baybrook Mall.

We first ate at a Gramaldi’s in 2009 when we were visiting New York City with our daughter Brandi, and our granddaughter Piper. We ate at both Gramaldi’s and Lombardi’s, the two places in NYC that claim to be the originators of pizza there in the first few years of the 1900’s. And we liked Gramaldi’s the best.

So we were very happy when we later found that Gramaldi’s had started to open locations around the country. And everyone we’ve tried around the country was just as good as the original.

One thing we learned early on at Gramaldi’s is that unless you have at least 6 people, never order the Large salad. Because the Small one will feed 4 people with a serving each, or two people with large servings.

Gramaldi's Small Salad

This is how much is left in the serving bowl after we both had a serving. So we each had two. Unfortunately they don’t have a Tiny one. Small is the smallest they have.

For pizza we got a medium with Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Italian Sausage, Meatballs, and Jalapenos, pretty much our standard order.

Gramaldi's 16 inch Pizza

Really good as always, and we had some to bring home. Afterwards we made a quick walk up into Baybrook Mall proper so Jan could pick up a couple of gift things at that Bath & Body Works.

Then it was on back up the road to the Wal-Mart for some groceries and some gift cards, the penultimate of the Christmas presents. Next up was a stop at my client’s to pick up a couple of packages that had come in today, before a final stop at the League City Krogers for the absolutely final, the ultimate of the Christmas gift cards.

For some reason, WalMart does not sell Amazon gift cards. I mean, why wouldn’t they sell products encouraging you to buy stuff from their biggest competitor? But luckily Krogers does.

OK. Who squealed?

In last night’s blog I pointed out that it didn’t make a lot of sense that someone would go the trouble of getting a domain name and setting up a website area in order to sell their house, and then advertise it with a sign like this.

646House Sign

Well, this afternoon when we drove past, the sign was gone. But the website is still live with no indication that the place sold.

So I figure one of our readers called the phone number on the site and told the guy what I said. So, come on, fess up.

Who did it?

Thought for the Day:

Some days I may seem cool as a cucumber, but inside I’m like a squirrel in traffic.


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