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More Mocha . . .

I spent pretty much all day at work trying to resurrect a used machine that my client had purchased on eBay.

It’s always bad news when a unit rattles when you unpack it. And taking it apart I found a number of indications that someone had opened the unit and seemingly tried their own repair. But in the process, they broke off several of the circuit board mounting standoffs as well as the solder joints for a power transistor to the board.

So it looks like I’ll have to take this unit completely apart, remove all four circuit boards, replace the standoffs, resolder the power transistor, and put it all back together. THEN I’ll finally be able to try to get it working again.

Not exactly coffee ‘purist’, Jan and I are always experimenting with our favorite coffee flavors. Right now our favorite seems to be two scoops of Lola Savannah’s Texas Pecan and one scoop of WalMart’s Mocha.

As I mentioned before, Lola Savannah is a local coffee roaster that produces a number of different coffee flavors. But our favorite is their Texas Pecan with real chunks of pecan.

HEB Lola Savannah Texas Pecan Coffee

And we really like the chocolate ‘mocha’ flavor addition as well, But we were looking a little more. So recently I’ve been adding a scoop of unsweetened cocoa powder to the filter basket for a extra chocolate ‘oomph’ And it really works. But I have to be careful how much I add, or where I put it in the filter because the powder is so fine that it can clog the filter and not let the water through. But it is really good.

Not much else happened today, and not a lot scheduled for tomorrow either.


Thought for the Day:
  You seldom learn anything by doing it right.


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