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On The Boardwalk . . .

We headed up to Alvin about 11:30 for Jan’s Cataract Surgery follow-up appointment. Early because we first made lunch stop at our favorite Monterey’s Little Mexico.

We’ve really missed our Dickinson Monterey’s location, which has never reopened since it went underwater during Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. We were told that flood waters were almost 8 feet deep inside and that they were fighting with the insurance company.

But we’ve about given up hope, so a necessary trip to Alvin was a real treat for us. And as usual, we both went with our long-time favorites, Jan’s Chicken Ixtapa,

Monterey's Alvin Chicken Ixtapa

and my bowl of Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Monterey's Chicken Tortilla Soup

I’ve tried Chicken Tortilla Soup all over the country as we’ve traveled and there’s none better anywhere.

Jan’s follow-up checkup went fine with no real problems. Her cornea is still a little more swollen than usual, but OK.

She has another appointment with her surgeon next Friday to prep for her right eye. They’ll let her know the ‘when’ at that time. Which stills leaves my Photo Dynamic Therapy appointment open for next Thursday.

Coming home we made a quick stop at the Alvin WalMart for a few things,

Later in the afternoon I printed out our Christmas card return address labels that I did in Avery’s Design&Print program, a free program that let’s you design and print pretty much anything on every different type of Avery label. I use it at work to print out DVD and bottle labels for the many products that we make ourselves.

2018 Christmas Label

This evening Brandi sent over Landon’s latest artistic opus.

Landon's Dabing Santa

And no, it’s not from a coloring book, nor is it traced. He just sat down and ‘drew’ it from his mind. And Brandi says he’s also really getting into coding using apps like Lightbot and Code Ninja’s. The kid’s scary.

Tomorrow, if the weather hopefully holds, we’re picking up Miss Piper in the afternoon and heading over to the Kemah Boardwalk for dinner at the Saltgrass Steakhouse there  and then at some point we’ll wander over to the walkway along the channel running from Clear Lake to Galveston Bay.

And if the weather doesn’t get too bad, we’ll be able to see the 57th Clear Lake Christmas Boat Parade. We’ve attended the parade a number of times over the last 40 years, but not recently.

It consists of over 100 boats decorated for Christmas and following a course around Clear Lake and then out through the Kemah Boardwalk channel into Galveston Bay. The boats run from a small sailboat with couple of strands of lights in the rigging


to some that look like they could be in the water-version of the Rose Parade.


So if we’re lucky the rain will hold off.

Thought for the Day:

You can’t fix crazy. But you can document it.


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