5:15 . . . In The Morning?

We were originally told that Jan’s cataract surgery was scheduled for 9am tomorrow morning. So we figured that we’d need to be at the Surgicare Care about 7:30-8:00.

So we were VERY surprised when we got a call this morning to tell us that Jan needed to be there at . . . wait for it . . . 5:15 in the AM.

She will be the first patient of the morning, but we don’t know they’re just starting a lot earlier or what. Or maybe just a lot of  pre-op stuff. Though neither of us remember a lot of prep stuff like this when Jan’s mother had hers done.

Besides being just generally nervous about this, the worse part of the whole thing for Jan are the eye drops. Three times a day today, and then various amounts over the next three weeks. And of course doubling up starting next Wednesday before her 2nd surgery.

The problem with all this is that Jan is EXTREMELY ‘eye-shy’, as in run away screaming ‘eye-shy’. So if she’s this bad with the drops, we can only hope she’s heavily sedated for the actual operation.

On the way home this afternoon, I did stop by the Los Ramirez  restaurant to get a few photos of the Christmas windows. Really nice, especially considering how fast the lady did it.

Los Ramierz Decorations 1

Los Ramierz Decorations 2

Los Ramierz Decorations 3

That’s about it for today since we’ve got to get up so early.

Thought for the Day

When a man says a woman’s place is in the kitchen, he should remember that’s where all the knives are.



7 Responses to 5:15 . . . In The Morning?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I had to have laser surgery on one eye a few years ago…let me tell you, I was so glad it was quick and doctor young and steady handed…if my head had not been bolted into a metal thing to hold me still…I would have run out of that place.  The pain was incredible.  HOWEVER, to encourage Jan…people tell me, who have had both laser surgery like mine and then cataract surgery, that there is absolutely no comparison.  That is in a mental thing having cataracts done…cause they can keep the pain away!!  The rest of the care sounds a real pain…will pray all goes well!!  Hope you all can rest tonight!! I remember when in childbirth with 2 of my 3, continually thinking (cause the 2nd one was simply a piece of cake and I could have easily have had her at home…the other 2?  Pure torture!!)…”surely this cannot last forever”…and “probably I will survive”…heh, ya have to really work at positive thoughts in some things!!

  2. Poor Elizabeth. She must have had a doctor from the Stone Ages do her Lasik. (Fred Flintstone)

    I had Lasik Twenty Years ago and didn’t have that much discomfort. Kathy and I both had Cataract Surgery on Both Eyes this past summer and the biggest pain was all the Drops. We had a chart to keep track of the drops. Neither of us could do our own drops so we treated each other.

    If you are doing her drops have her tip her head back and focus on a spot on the ceiling. Then just touch down below the lower lid. That will create a small cup for the drops. No Pain, No Mess.

    Enjoy the clear vision Jan.

    It’s abut time.

    • Elizabeth says:

      My laser surgery was to stop bleeding behind the eye, Rick.  I do not need cataract surgery yet…though in due time may.  But have had others who had similar when they had to have bleeding stopped and also had cataract surgery done and told me the cataract one was painless.  They told me before my surgery it might prick a little…what a lie!!  It was awful.  And while they can numb the front of the eye, they evidently cannot the back portion where my bleeding was.  I am indeed grateful my other eye stopped bleeding on its own.  My problem came because I was hit hard in a wreck…but the bleeding showed up a bit over a year later…but the doc says that is not unusual either.  I do tell others however, to always see the eye doc if anything unusual happens to your eyes.  I developed these very large overlapping balloon shapes in my eyes…which showed up in bright sunlight.  But it was the bleeding doing that.  How was I to know?  I just knew something had changed and I went in immediately.  And you can go blind entirely.  As it is, there is still a kind of haze, like seeing through a veil, across my eyes.  It may or may not ever leave…and even cataract surgery may or may not help that part…so I am grateful to be able to see as well as I can now.

  3. Lois says:

    I am too like Jan, do they give you a little something to calm your nerves. I don’t think I could have my hands tied down with out having a little panic attack.
    Good luck Jan.

  4. Ray Mchan says:

    I had cataract eye surgery about 4 years ago and the eye drops were a pain and was scared but surgery was quick and not painful. Surgery was on a Monday, with +350 glasses, went to optician on Tuesday with 20/20 vision.
    I wish I had it done 2 years earlier as doctor recommended.

  5. It’s a lot of pre-op stuff thing…Connie had to be there about the same amount of time early. There’s a lot of paperwork verification and then several stages of pre-op to happen including more paperwork verification. No pain at all…IV and some sort of stuff that put her in twilight, she doesn’t remember anything at all from the procedure.

  6. Butch Williams says:

    Since February 2014, I’ve had 12 or 14 eye surgeries, involving two torn retinas and cataract surgery on both eyes. Plus a LOT of clean up and follow up surgeries in the aftermath.

    Only one was extremely painful, to repair a portion of one retinal tear, they had to physically distort my eyeball, with a Q-Tip type of instrument, to laser the area. INCREDIBLY painful but, the rest were mildly uncomfortable, at the WORST. Of all of them, the cataract surgeries and followups, were the LEAST uncomfortable.

    I was sedated, but borderline awake (on purpose), but there was no feeling nor impulse to flinch or move around, and I too, am VERY sensitive and protective around my eyes.

    Wishing Her AND You, the best.



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