How do they do that?

Jan and I headed out about 12:45 with our first stop The Egg and I up in Webster for lunch. As is normal, Jan got her Avocado Toast with a side of greens. and I got my eggs, over medium, crispy bacon, English Muffin, with a side of fruit.

But unlike our usual visits, this one was kind of a near-miss in several cases.

Jan’s side of greens was really just a side of ‘green’, as in it was only made from spinach. Of course the green shortage isn’t really their fault, and it’s better than getting E. coli, I guess.

And I still don’t understand the Hazelnut coffee situation. They bring an insulated pot of it to your table, and then pour your first cup for you. But this time, rather than the scalding hot version I usually get, it was just lukewarm.

So, for my second cup I asked for another, hotter, pot of coffee. And so when the waitress poured a cup from the new pot, it was nice to see the steam coming off the cup. But somehow it was still only lukewarm. How does that work?

And how do they cook one side of a couple of eggs different from the other side?

Egg and I Split Cook Eggs

As I said before I always get two eggs, over medium. But somehow today they managed to cook one egg over hard, as in solid hard yolk, and the other egg, just an inch away, was cooked over easy. But maybe they were just going for the average. You know, half over hard and half over easy averages to over medium.

How do they do that?

Next, it was on over to WallyMart for a few things, before a stop by my client’s to install a new sound card, well, actually a sound USB plug, on the office manager’s computer. She likes to listen to music during the day and last week the sound card up and died.

But, unfortunately, the sound card in this system is built in on the the mother board, so no plug-in card to just switch out. I could, of course, just install a card, but then I found this on Amazon.

USB Sound Card

USB Sound Adapter

It wasn’t supposed to be here until tomorrow, but I got a email saying it had been delivered, so I thought I’d go by and get it installed.

And just like the instructions, I just plugged it into a front panel USB port, plugged in the speaker system, and it worked.

No separate drivers, nothing else. Nice!

Then it was a couple of gift shops looking for Christmas gifts, Bodhi’s in Kemah for some of Jan’s Neuropathy Essential Oils,  some Coffee ice cream from Marble Slab, the PO to put the Christmas cards in the mail.

And then home. Whew!

The rest of the week is pretty busy too, first with dinner tomorrow night in Alvin with long-time friends Janice and Dave Evans. Then it’s my next 16 minute 40 second trip through the Devil’s Easy Bake Oven on Thursday

PDT Extra Crispy 468

and Jan’s next appointment with her eye surgeon on Friday.

Wasn’t there supposed to be something ‘restful’ about retirement. I mean, Ii’s been 11 years now since we retired and hit the road fulltime in our RV, and it’s not slowing down.

Instead it seems to be speeding up.

Thought for the Day:

I always mean what I say. I may not always mean to say it out loud, but I always mean it.


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  1. George Rawley says:


    Just so you know, the more you do the faster it comes, or the hurrier you go the be-hinder you get

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