A Little Nip . . .

Our last two mornings outside for our coffee on the patio made it pretty obvious that a little nip of Fall is definitely in the air. Rather than the normal mid-80’s we’ve had recently, now we’re seeing mid to high 70’s.

Very nice!

I had planned to goof off today as far as the water heater project goes. Though it’s not finished, we do have hot water.

But I still had to go into work today. Jennifer, our office manager, emailed me that our office phone system was down. And it looked like it was the Internet signal coming in from Spectrum VOIP causing the problem.

And that caused me a problem, because while I’m configuring a new machine for the Shipping Dept., I was tapping into the Spectrum router back there for our Internet access. So when the Spectrum signal went down, so did our Shipping computer.

So before Jan and I could have lunch, we drove into Clear Lake so I could reconfigure things to get the Shipping computer back online. As far as the phone system, I don’t touch back. It’s not my problem.

Or, as they say, “Not my Circus. Not My Monkeys!”

Finished up, we headed back down to Dickinson for lunch, with a quick detour by Costco for gas. Then it was on to Monterey’s Little Mexico for lunch.


We were just there this past Saturday, the day they reopened after 4 years. And we figured a Tuesday afternoon for lunch would not be a really busy time. But we were wrong.

They were still on a wait. About 15 minutes this time.

This time Jan got her favorite Chicken Ixtapa,

Monterey's Chicken Ixtapa

while I got my usual big bowl of their Chicken Tortilla Soup, the gold standard for Chicken Tortilla Soups.

Monterey's Chicken Tortilla Soup

And if twice this week is not enough, we’ll also be eating at Monterey’s in Alvin this coming Friday before going to the Alvin Opry. ‘

Can’t wait.

Thought For The Day:

The hardest part of 14 days to flatten the curve is the first 18 months. – Kevin Sorbo

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