Anyone Got A Llama For Sale??

Well, the consensus is that the water heater is going to have to come back out. Of course it’s a consensus of one, me, but I’m the one who’s doing it, so that’s what matters.

It’s wedged in there tight, with about 2” still hanging outside the rig, and it won’t budge, or even wiggle. So the only thing I can see to do is to pull it back out.

But I’m not sure how easy that’s going to be. In or out, it’s pretty stuck. But I know it went in that way, so that’s the way it’s got to come back out. Then once I get it back out I’ll take a wood rasp to the opening and enlarge it enough so that it just glides right in, easy peasy.

But in the meantime, I figured out how to correctly wire up the new water heater. Turns out that unlike my old unit, it requires a separate 12VDC voltage remote switch to energize the relay that puts power to the heating element.

Water Heater Remote Switch

The problem is that 12VDC is nowhere to be found in that compartment, or even near by, that I can get to. So after sleeping on it, I came up with a solution.

I’m going to buy a heavy-duty 6ft. multi-tap extension cord and cut it in half. The multi-tap end will be wired into the main 120VAC power coming in. The plug end will be wired onto the 120VAC power leads going into the unit.

Then the new plug on the water heater will plug into one socket on the multi-tap end. And then this will be plugged into the other multi-tap socket.

120VAC to 12VDC Converter

After I cut off the cigarette lighter plug, that will supply the 12VDC that I need for the remote switch. It will supply 2A so that should be plenty.

But we still have hot water so I’m not under any time constraints.

On the Flu Manchu front, llamas are in the news.

Llama antibodies may neutralize COVID and help prevent infections, lab trial finds

Researchers from the VIB-UGent Center for Medical Biotechnology in Ghent, Belgium, have found that antibodies extracted from a llama named Winter have neutralized the virus, including its variants, in laboratory testing.

The treatment would supplement vaccines by giving enhanced protection to people with weakened immune systems or help people who have been hospitalized with the virus, the company said.

Llama antibodies, which are unusually small, are able to bind to a specific part of the virus’ spike protein, blocking it from infecting cells.

“Their small size … allows them to reach targets, reach parts of the virus that are difficult to access with conventional antibodies,” VIB-UGent group leader Xavier Saelens said.

He Made It All Up!

By now you’ve probably seen the story about the emergency room doctor in Oklahoma saying that OK emergency rooms were so clogged up with people overdosing on ‘horse-paste’ Ivermectin that the ER’s were turning away gunshot victims.

The story, picked up by a number of national outlets, quickly spread across the Internet, adding voice to the baying hounds of Ivermectin negativism.

Turns out it was all just a lie. An out and out lie.

‘Not An Employee’: Hospital Blows Holes In Rolling Stone Story

In response to that interview and the Rolling Stone piece, the Northeastern Health System (NHS) – Sequoyah released a statement claiming Dr. Jason McElyea “is not an employee of NHS Sequoyah”, he also hasn’t worked at that hospital in over two months nor have they treated any patients for Ivermectin overdoses.


And you may have also read that 70% of the calls to Mississippi’s Poison Control were from people who had been poisoned by taking the Ivermectin ‘horse-paste’ version.


It was 2 percent, not 70 percent. And they weren’t calling because they were sick. They were fine, but got scared by all the fear-mongering going around.

About 1pm Jan and I celebrated Labor Day by having Baby Back Ribs and Brisket at our local Spring Creek BBQ.

Spring Creek Ribs and Brisket 20210906

After our last visit to Spring Creek when Jan sampled my brisket, this time Jan got Ribs and Brisket, rather than just ribs.

Jan gets her brisket lean with no bark, while I get mine Marbled with Extra Bark, like above.

Really good.

Thought For The Day:

Procrastination is great. You always have something to do tomorrow. Plus you have nothing to do today.

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