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1812 Overture . . .

After being serenaded by what sounded like the final movement of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture starting about 11:30pm, things finally quieted down about 1am. But some celebrators had some really big pyrotechnics, at least based on the loud, deep, thumps mixed in with the sharp pops of the more pedestrian skyrockets and Roman candles.

Sounds like some people had some really big mortars. And even tonight we can still hear random pops and shriek’s’ as people get rid their 2021 stash.

As far as today, we decided to take it easy and just go out for lunch about 1. I mean it can be exhausting transitioning into a new year. We had planned to have lunch at Gator’s, but found when we got there that they weren’t opening until 2pm today. So not wanting to wait an hour, we decided to head back down to Texas City to eat at Yummy Yummy once again, our first time in a while.

And it was.

After that it was back to the rig for another milestone, our first naps of 2022.

Now that the holidays are past, I have a tentative appointment for an RV handyman to come out on Thursday to remove the worn-out captain’s chair at my computer desk.  It used to look like this a long time ago.

RV Computer Desk and Chair

But the ball-bearing rotating base is coming apart now and it just doesn’t give my recently-remodeled back enough support. So I’m going to have the chair removed as well as the mounting plate that bolts to the rig floor. Then we’ll lay down a chair mat and move my new chair in place.

Respawn Chair

Then I’ll have him haul off the old chair.

Ironically, the reason that I need this done is why I can’t do it myself right. Otherwise it would be a project of a couple of hours.


As I mentioned the other day we’ve got a cold front coming through tonight. While today’s high was 83, tomorrow’s high is supposed be 41° with a low of 31°.


Thought For The Day:

New Year's Resolutions