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Bigfoot Lives . . .

Jan and I had lunch at Spring Creek BBQ, our first visit in a while. Ribs and Brisket as delicious as always. Then it was next door to WalMart for a few things, though we were dodging the incoming thunderstorms during our in and out.

Amazon continues to amaze me, in both good and bad ways.

Since they opened their new warehouse right down the road in La Marque, more and more of our orders come the same day, between 5pm and 10pm, or the next morning, between 4am and 8am. But then sometimes they go off the rails.

On Thursday I ordered a new coffee bean grinder for us. We had a small one a few years back, but finally it burned out. We didn’t replace it since we were getting our beans ground at HEB where we bought them, specifically the Lola Savannah Texas Pecan with real pecan pieces.

HEB Lola Savannah Texas Pecan Coffee

But then early last year the pecan pieces disappeared from the HEB clear bags. At first I thought it might be CoVid related, but when I called the company, which is here in Houston, they said that HEB had requested the removal.

Turns that that HEB was worried about the pecans going through their grinders might affect people with nut allergies who use them afterwards.

But the coffee was still good.

We did find that we could get the beans with the pecan pieces from Amazon, or directly from the company, but it was more expensive, and still needed to be ground. But recently our hand was forced.

It seems that HEB has stopped carrying Lola Savannah, or at least none of our 4 local HEB’s have it in stock any longer. So I decided to check Amazon again and found they had 2# bags for $27.50, only a couple of dollars a bag more than HEB’s price.

So Thursday I ordered us new coffee grinder, a heavy duty Cuisinart that will do half a pound of beans at a time,

Cuisinart Coffee Bean Grinder

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

and a 2# bag of the coffee, both which were supposed to be here today.

But then yesterday the delivery date on the coffee changed from Saturday to January 15 – March 1. Not what I wanted to hear.

This morning our Cuisinart was delivered, as well as two packages for the people in Site #13. So what, the Prime driver couldn’t drive 6 more spaces? So when we left for lunch we dropped them off.

This is the 2nd time this has happened, though this is the first time with Amazon.

Then still wondering about the coffee delivery date change, I went back to the original order listing and found that if I ordered right now, it would now come between 5pm and 10pm tonight.

So I ordered it again, and then cancelled the first order. And about 8pm tonight it showed up at our door. But I still don’t know what happened to the original order.

I also recently ordered some new Skechers shoes that were delivered yesterday, but will have to be returned since they’re too small.

The problem is that I inherited my father’s feet.

Nominally I wear an 8-3/4 EEEE. Yes, that’s 4 E’s in a row.

Or as my father described them, “Snowshoe Feet”. However they’re also really good for barefoot waterskiing too.

Obviously, shoes that actually fit are few and far between. I can sometimes find something close at the Red Wing shoe stores, though there’s not a lot of choice in styles, pretty much ‘ugly’ and ‘more ugly’.

So I usually make do with the widest width I can get, in something like a 9-1/2 to 10-1/2. Now the ones I just ordered were a 9-1/2 in an Extra Wide. But in this case a 9-1/2 wasn’t long enough and an Extra Wide wasn’t wide enough. So back they go to Amazon.

And Amazon made it really easy this time. I don’t even have to box them up. Just dropped them off at a UPS store, show them the QR code Amazon gave me, and I’m done.


And I’ve got a new larger, wider pair on the way.

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